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Cheers everyone,


I´m not entirely sure whether I chose the right forum to post my question in, never the less I´m hoping that since you guys are usually pretty nice people you´ll help me out instead of hating on me :D


I bought myself an audio interface for home recording, and since I got my new headphones I also use it as D/A for general listening since the sound is definitely better than my notebook output. There is however a problem with the driver. Whether I´m listening or recording, the sound is popping (samples are either lost or have some random values, I had to correct this by hand when recording our last EP and let me tell you, it was a real pain in the ass) and sometimes it stars generating a pulsing continuous noise, which I usually get rid of by unplugging and plugging in the USB port. When I was recording the pulsing noise would come every 20-30 minutes, its much less often now, but it still occurs.


I was told that the problem is with the driver, and thats because the TASCAM driver is buggy, I did try older versions of the driver as well as new ones, nothing helped. My options:

1. Endure and wait for a miracle in the form of a good driver from TASCAM

2. Solve the problem some other way

3. Try to give the interface back and purchase something better.


I´m not sure whether I could actually give the interface back, It is still under varanty, however this is kind of a "compatibility problem", and I´ve had the interface for a year and a couple months now. Also when they usually accept reclamations they send the product to be fixed for a month, the store where I bought it is 50km from the place from home, and I´m living off at a dorm for uni. I´m afraid that it would be just a waste of time.


What would you do in my place? any advice?


Thanks in advance