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Second the DT 770s.

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Originally Posted by GREQ View Post


Re-read what I wrote - I didn't say the K240 was closed.

Ah, you're right sorry. I read that as "the K240's could be one to go for as it is closed". I'm too used to people saying that.

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Originally Posted by Tangster View Post
So what is the difference? I would like to clear up my understanding of the terminology while it's being discussed.

Me too. So I searched a bit. I found this:


Said ought about how soundstage is interpreted, though, even if the word is used five times!

It suggested "
Sounds Like? An Audio Glossary Glossary:" from Stereophile:


soundstaging, soundstage presentation The accuracy with which a reproducing system conveys audible information about the size, shape, and acoustical characteristics of the original recording space and the placement of the performers within it.

The explanations given in this thread say something different. Which one is right? My take would have been that from stereophile.

Okay, time to head off for work.

Cheers Rich

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Originally Posted by macrocheesium View Post


Binaural recording, you mean? This one is great:




'Explorations in Space and Time' from Chesky Records is a good one, too.



I had a listen. It does have a good soundstage, not really my cuppa musically...


So I searched "binaural" on Amazon. Momentarily I was well chuffed. Over, 1,600 Titles of binaural music - there has to be some I fancy!



Gor Blimey, I waded through pages of pages of crud that wanted to get me of drugs (no way - I'm enjoying these), become sexier (maybe), learn astral projection (you what!?), lose weight (why not, I'm packing a little extra), recover from my childhood abuse (I wasn't abused, we are Anglican not Catholic), increase my sex drive (REALLY!?), break my addiction to hardcore porn (I don't have that addiction but it sounds like fun to try out, I may need to get that increased sex drive thing with it to cope though) and taking the bird, experience the female orgasm (speechless, just speechless)...




I simply gave finding actual music up as a bad job at that point.


So I listened again to "Up Close" from the amazon sampler page straight on my setup and compared it to the Windham Hill Flamenco Album (which comes close in genre) with 3D Sound on my amplifier engaged. Of course that mp3 streaming from Amazon generally sounded rougher than a badger's hairy gonads. Even so I would say that there is not a lot between these two takes in soundstaging. Both have the soundstage outside me head and have nice width and depth for headphones.


So, let me see if I get this binaural malarkey right. Thinking ain't me strongest suit - me mom always told me not to think so much, or I'd get the lurgy.


Binaural Seedees are ones that give a right space presentation on headphones. Not having heard them on speakers, but noting the quip about it, seems they would do rather pants on speakers. So (almost) no-one makes them, as most people listen to speakers (except people who want to experience female orgasm apparently).


Normal Seedees are made for listening on speakers and so they sound pants on headphones but brill on speakers (this I can tell for meself).


And these gizmo's in the Phonitor Amplifier, my iFi Amplifier and that Parrot Zik Headset somehow turn normal Seedees into Binaural ones for headphone listening?


If so, this is absolutely brilliant, innit? Why don’t I see this much more often then? Is there more like this? I really would like something for my smartphone that does this. Maybe I'll have to get me a Sick Parrot?

Cheers Rich

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Originally Posted by GREQ View Post


I think you're confusing Soundstage with Stereo Imaging.


That hhappens with the C&C BH too. An option called Stage Field (SF). It even makes IEMs sound like speakers.

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The K550 are really great at soundstage though they are over your budget, so I suggest you look at the Soundmagic HP100 for what i am told they should have some of the best soundstage for a closed headphone.

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people have failed to mention the great SoundMAGIC HP100

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Originally Posted by randomkid View Post

people have failed to mention the great SoundMAGIC HP100

I think most people here still have never seen or heard one: I've noticed you recommend it A LOT in many other threads, so it's high on my list of auditioning, but only if I ever find one!

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look for one, I really think people should try them

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i would try them, if only i could find a picture of them worn. i would take them as portables, so they should not look as wonky as the shure line up.

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Originally Posted by randomkid View Post

look for one, I really think people should try them

That's the thing. Even in a big city like Frankfurt, there are only 2 big places to try properly out lots of headphones, and in the 3 years I've been here I still havn't even seen a singe Audio Technica headphone.

I only just saw some Ultrasones for the first time about 2 months ago, and they're German!

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They don't stick out as much as shures and are more comfortable
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