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  Anyone that has or heard these, can they tell me is it worth it to upgrade from the studios.  The hisound Studios were my first high end dap, and the sq is amazing despite the slight hiss.  Mainly its the UI that really drives me crazy.  I can't stand having to go all the way back to pick another song in the same album.  That is just revolting on top of the constant paper clip resets I'd have to do.  Also I have never dropped my dap, but I hear like a loose screw in the unit just moving around.  That really isn't what I am expecting from a $500 dap.  A loose screw inside the unit ? 

  On to the good news though,  The music really mesmerizes you with this player.  It blows all the ipods and clips out of the water.  It is definitely a powerful unit because you will never have to listen to this unit on max.  It is quite powerful and I usually listen in the 22-26 range.  The battery life is good as well.  If you turn it off when not in use.  I would dare say this will last weeks.  

  Okay, this is starting to sound like a review now.  That wasn't the purpose lol.


 If anyone can give me some input on the AK100 that would be great.  I really like the twist knob to control the volume.  It gives a nostalgic feel but it also has a touch screen to keep up to date with the current technology.  The ui looks beautiful, but in the end it all goes down to the quality of music this dap gives out.