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May 5th - Vancouver, BC Meet 2013 - Page 6  

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You know, it was just one of those timing things. I had been reading about the ones made in Stuggart and decided to do a search and low and behold an Italian ebayer seller had two for sale.
I emailed him to ascertain they were indeed the Stuggart made ones, he confirmed and my pay pal payment was with him in seconds! They are the quietes tubes I have, black plates and the sound is sublime! I may have found another pair of power tube ones I am just ascertaining they are indeed Stuggart.

Everything written abut these tubes is accurate, they dig out detail and yet are so musical and smooth, just wonderful tubes!

I NEED to give them a listen! I looked for them for months and nothing came up anywhere..... I might go hybrid in the future so I need to start looking for good options in the near future though 2 pairs of Lorenz Stuttgart would destroy my wallet. :P


LCD3 is superb. The first few times I gave them a go I was massively disappointed, but I'm realizing now that those assessments were unfair because what the 3 offers can not be really distinguished in bad listening conditions... The one thing that I notice the most is the 2 sounds like mush in comparison. 

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Shoot! Looks like I won't be getting my 801 till near the end of next month, my friend went to the US today to pick up mail and it was not there yet, he heads off to a family vacation next week so I have a few weeks to wait whilst it sits in his mailbox! Ah well, I have a 32g card on its way so I can have fun filling that one up in the meantime!
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Made new poll. Also taking gear lists and putting them in the OP. Attendees that are confirming can PM the list in a spreadsheet or something, and I'll merge them together and keep it updated on Docs or something.


Will call CC when I get back to Van.


Oh, pff, gear list/stuff to bring: 


Emotiva a-100


That's it. Don't want to really make this into an IEM thing. Might have HE-4/5LE/6 from private erji loan/tour to bring as well.

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Everyone vote April 28 or later date.


Posted gear list earlier.

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I don't see no list, I can bring the magni/modi stack for sure, not sure for headphones though, I am thinking of buying the Mad Dogs or getting the HE-500 but will have to sell my shures for them


edit: I voted 27th, but 28th is fine too, doesn't matter

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^^ Also, in case people have not noticed, you can vote multiple dates so you can add any date that suits your fancy.

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Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post

^^ Also, in case people have not noticed, you can vote multiple dates so you can add any date that suits your fancy.

Damn it I already submitted.

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^^ S'okay, just one less vote. Anyone who voted before I mentioned that (ooops redface.gif), just tell me the other dates and I'll take note of it.

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Stuff I'm bringing...


Amps/source: EF-5 w/ OPA627 and stock RCA tubes, modded WA3+ with GEC 2523 and Tesla Rhodium ecc88, Headstage Arrow 4G, Calyx Coffee DAC, and my laptop. I don't feel like bringing my Marantz CD player because it's big and with two amps I think it's better to leave it at home this time.


Headphones: HE-500 w/ DHC Prototype 12-wire hybrid. Not sure if anyone wants to hear my other cans so I'll see later on...


I might IEMs at home, but I might bring them so Twin and I can have a PFE232 and W4 argument again etysmile.gif

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Going back through the thread and adding stuff onto spreadsheet. Thanks for the support guys. Will have it up by tomorrow (well my tomorrow is different from Pacific time tomorrow but you get the point). Tell me if I wrote anything wrong.



Originally Posted by planx View Post

I might IEMs at home, but I might bring them so Twin and I can have a PFE232 and W4 argument again etysmile.gif

I'll bring the light sabers.

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Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post

I'll bring the light sabers.


Always ready.

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If I get a chance this weekend or next I'll stop by Trout Lake Community Centre and take some pics of the most suitable rooms before we commit to them.


I'm going to set up an 80's / pre-most-of-you-born corner:  NAD 3130 w/ AKG Sextett LP and K270 dual-driver.  Planx, you still have those vintage K141s or something I saw in a thread somewhere?


I can also bring the HA-S500.  IEMs by request.  SE215, maybe the BA200s.  Might have some junk for sale.

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I love the 80's theme, that is when I cut my HiFi Teeth... Rogers amp, NAD 5120 turntable with the infamous flat tone arm, Akai Cassette deck and Tannoy speakers.. Happy days listening to Dire Straits, Prefab Sprout and such ( I am from the UK)

Looks like my friend will be making one more trip down to his mailbox in WA next week so fingers crossed my HM-801 will be here soon. When you say Trout lake are you on about the one near commercial or the one in Burnaby?
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Can we somehow get two rooms, one for sealed stuff and one for open back stuff, where the latter room would have strictly whisper only policy?

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I indeed still have the vintage K141s! Doesn't get much headtime anymore because of the HE-500 haha.


Hey GG, wanna pay for the other room then? Hahaha in all seriousness, I think we should just have one room and whenever someone wants to have critical listening time, we will have a 10 minute quiet listening session?

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