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There There, mr. Ian. :)


Nobel Laureate and physicist Lord Rayleigh once said, "Directly or indirectly, all questions connected with (sound) must come for decision to the ear... and from it there can be no appeal."


In my own words - your own ears are your guide to what "sounds better".  If it's influenced by how the product looks, the price you paid, or how it makes you feel, so be it - that's all part of the music experience.  It's always baffled me how much weight is placed on a few people who listen to various frequency sine waves (or make a dummy head do it), and based only on that, judge a product's sound quality.  But hey, if that's what you do all day, listen to sine waves, good for you.  But I'm going to choose to ignore that opinion.

See y'all on the 5th!  I will have some neat junk in my "retro" corner.

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Sold my desktop rig off, sent my HD800 back home. Now I'm here with my LCD2 and iPhone. Thank God LCD2s are sensitive.

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Ruddy heck GG, talk about slimming down the collection. Mind, I did something similar, all that stack reduced to the HM-801 and Beyerdynamic DT1350's for portable and add the TU-05 and T5P's for home use.
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Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

This is why I feel strongly that people also look outside of this forum for opinions!

I just searched and found a thread about what you mention and to be honest I found most of what was said ridiculous. There is a group of cogniascenti here who's word seems to be god either because they have equipment to measure things or who write in such a forceful manner that they seem to know it all.

I find the measurment brigade here to be largely flawed and the others, well, I tend not to take much notice of them!

First rule of HiFi ( which on this forum seems to be largely ignored) is to listen for yourself! Second rule is measurements do not make the whole picture.

I think it odd that outside of this forum a great many products that are torn apart here are universally praised elswhere by professional reviewers ( there is a well known anomaly to that who has proven himself time after time to be fundamentally flawed in his views).

Likewise those same chaps who dismiss certain equipment love other equipment that outside this place does not get the same love as here.

It is a dangerous thing nowadays, instead of well regarded professional reviewers we get some faceless Herbert hiding behind a computer screen who's word is taken as a given above others with proven credentials. Not saying some are not good but one has to do a great deal more weeding out of opinions on forums than one has to on professional review journals both online and printed!


OT - would prefer something like this was kept off the thread. (Click to show)


This was outside of this forum. erji had talk of this circulating long before I signed up here, and long before CS had their graphs posted. So it had always been in the back of my mind. 


Ultimately I had not even brought up anything of the sort regarding measurements, so if there is a personal vendetta it might be for the best if we kept this thread clean at the very least. If you do have a dispute against the testing methodologies they've employed, do feel free to chime in over there inside, as I'm sure they'd take feedback/advice over whatever it is that they've done technically wrong in terms of measurement flaws. Not discussing the merits and practical application of measurements in real-world listening circumstances of course as it is neither the place nor time.


Though, you would think that in terms of driver variance that Beyer themselves would have checked discrepancies (no matter the stance a company might take, QC itself is such standard fare that they would lose all credibility otherwise if it was any other industry!).


I'm sure no one's taking an absolutist stance in this as of yet. Both listening and measurements are just as important when the information itself is utilized properly. However much it applies to oneself though is solely dependent on the listener. I think we are all in agreement on this?


But I do find that touting professional reviewers as being any more of an authority, compared to the opinions of any other person who know what to listen for is fallacious at best. The key word here is credentials. The golden ears myth has been debunked. Not to mention how these professions would have little in the way of classical training in regards to listening. 


And if you want to talk about biases I think that any person writing for a commercial publication, with more than enough incentive to make a product appealing, would be any less partial than we would be.


That's not to say that reviewers are morally repugnant. That would be slander and I would be ashamed of myself. However you can not deny that there is a certain sense of over-dramatism that these reviewers typical don in order to hold your attention. They might be talking about audio but first and foremost they are writers within a publication and they are obligated in a sense to write multi-pages of prose that would make an 10th grade English teacher swoon.


And whenever someone is that reliant on romanticism in order to get their point across....well let's just say all opinions have an equal benefit of the doubt until you find out for yourself.


Another thing that I would agree with you here is how people take some sort of absolute truth and bend it to their will in order to further their own omnipresent opinion. As well as however abrasive they might be during the act.


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Not attending, please take my stuff off your list.
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There are truths on both sides. Head-Fi is a clusterfu** no matter how you look at it. But then you get blown up romanticism from places like Six Moons.


Let's all just enjoy this hobby and the different sounds that our gear produces.


Ian we all want you there, c'mon, we'd like to talk to intelligent people, whether it's debating, or simply chatting, not idiots like the majority of this forum.


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I hadn't realized that he could have taken offense to my response. In my defense I pretty much agreed with him on most parts so I didn't see anything abrasive or offensive, I had honestly thought it was just a thoughtful exchange. As there have been FAR more severe instances on past occasions. If this was the case though I do apologize. If my attendance does bother you I'm fine with bowing out in lieu of the Seattle meet instead, as most people will have heard most of what I'm bringing anyways and the dates are too close anyways. 

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that's unfortunate... the only thing I really wanted to demo was Ian's piano forte and hm-801. Maybe I'll go to the Seattle meet instead? so I won't have to feel so bad about skipping sunday service

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Originally Posted by ribeye View Post

that's unfortunate... the only thing I really wanted to demo was Ian's piano forte and hm-801. Maybe I'll go to the Seattle meet instead? so I won't have to feel so bad about skipping sunday service


I was still unsure if I could make it on the 5th, but was quite interested in hearing Ian's DT1350's and T5p if I was able to go.  Dang.

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i'll have the T1 balanced running thru the Stratus and Sonett 2... :-)

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Okay so we have two options:


1. Trout lake CC

    Rooms only available after 2PM. We can book through closing hours so we can do 2-6 but we'd have to pay $25/hr extra for someone to stay behind to lock up.

    2 rooms x 4 hours x $20/hr + $25 = $185

    Other rooms are fully booked, so we can only book 1 GCCA Board room and 1 Maple room. They're on separate floors.


2. Vancouver Public Library

    We can book Peter Kaye or Alma Vandusen Room which is a nice closed space large enough for the whole group.

    1 room x 4 hours x $195/4hours = $195


What would you guys prefer? I don't particularly care. VPL's rooms are nice and spacey but Trout Lake does have 2 rooms.

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Not trying to sound like a lazy ass, but having two different rooms on different floors is an inconvenience, especially if less than 20 people show up.


But seeing how two rooms is cheaper, that does make things more interesting.

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Yeah two different floors changes things. I'd rather have one big room with inside voices but availability.......
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+1 - single room if possible. We are talking a $10 diff - definitely worth the convenience. I thought it was Trout Lake all the way -- what happened? I do think VPL is a better location though.


On another note, I've been debating whether I should bring my Musical Paradise MP-301 MK2 tube amp. It's made and is sold by a Canadian outfit out of Edmonton (built in China) and is quite easy for Canadians to source - which would be the only reason I would bring it. It's not my primary rig, just thought it might be worth having others audition it, i.e. if someone is looking to score a tube amp 'locally' at a reasonable price. (PS - There is an MK3 version of the amp which Musical Paradise is now selling. I haven't auditioned the updated version. The pic is of the MK2).


MP-301 MK2.jpg

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