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For Sale:
Acoustic Energy Aego M Compact 2.1 Speakers

Will Ship To: U.S.

Will ship only within the U.S., Payment by Paypal only, I will cover fees. Buyer pays for shipping by USPS Priority Mail or Parcel Post, at buyer's preference. Package weight is 20 lbs, with shipping dimensions of 20" H x 13" W x 10" D from 96720. Will be shipped in original box as shown.


This is a pretty near mint condition set of Acoustic Energy Aego M 2.1, which includes two small aluminum enclosured satellite speakers and a fairly small subwoofer (14" H x 8" W x 10.5" D). These are now discontinued and are pretty hard to find. The satellites have a stunning clarity and transparency to them that belies their size, combined with the sub, this system sounds much bigger and richer than it looks. Perfect for those that have a small desk and need something that gets out of the way visually. While difficult to find now, if you can find a 3rd satellite, you can add a physical center channel to this system to make it a 3.1 setup. Asking $150 + cost of shipping as indicated above. 

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