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For Sale or Trade: FS/FT: Objective2 or iBasso D12

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For Sale or Trade:
FS/FT: Objective2 or iBasso D12

Will Ship To: CONUS

Up for sale is my Objective2. It's not a JDS version and comes in a bigger Box Enclosures B3-080 instead of the typical B2-080. It also comes with a Triad WAU16-1000 PS. I'm too lazy to take pictures at the moment but here's where I bought it from:



Looking to get the same amount I paid: 80+shipping costs (I paid $12 for shipping, so let's make it that same amount).


I'll also do a partial trade for a low end Grado, but ideally I'd like to sell this.


The only reason I'm selling it is because I don't really like it and since I just got an iBasso D12, I don't have much of a use for it. I got my HK430 working again, so I have a home amp, and it's too big to actually use portably (where the D12 steps in), so this is just gathering dust.





Okay, since nobody seems to want the O2 and I don't want two portable amps, I might be able to deal with it if someone wants to trade for the D12. I got the D12 in a trade. PM me with offers. I'm guessing it's worth somewhere around $200. I want something closed and portable. I'd absolutely love a Momentum.


EDIT 2: Okay since I doubt anyone with a Momentum would want to trade for this, I'll take $180+shipping for the D12 and buy a refurbished one. That's the price of the last D12 that sold here.


EDIT 3: I'll also trade the D12 for a Grado SR325 or CD900ST.


I'd also love it if someone with a stronger portable DAC/AMP wanted to trade for it. It doesn't drive either my T50RP or my K702, so I'm not sure how much use it'll get in the future. Since this one is worth more, I'd probably benefit more if I got rid of this because now that I've been able to experiment, I find no reasonable difference between the O2 and this when I'm not paying much attention to detail (eg when I use them portably [I DO hear a significant difference when I'm at home though]), and since there's no reason for me to use the D12 at home when I have something better, I'm reasoning myself into letting go of it. It comes with everything it originally came with. 



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For Sale: $240 (USD)
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Send me an offer with anything. Honestly I just don't want them to gather dust.

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Updated listing. Really I'll consider anything. I just don't want to avoid the slight hassle of listing these on eBay.

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Last bump before eBay.

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That was a lie I'll keep bumping this until the Monday after this upcoming one.

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UPDATE: I modded the T50P to have less annoying upper mids. Now they're about even with my modded T50RP. I'll accept cash offers for either now, but I don't know how much to ask. I'm saving up for a Yamaha PRO500.

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T50P traded. I'll probably just chuck the Senns on eBay and see what I get if I get no offers within the next two weeks.

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Added O2.

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You still have these for sale?  If so send me a message with what you want for them now.  Thanks.

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I am interested as well.

I am not sure if my PM works since I am recently new to the forum, but you can check my ratings on this page.



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PXC450 sold. Now just really need to sell my O2.

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Ended up buying a K702 for cheaper than anticipated, so I can go back to my original plans. I want a Grado in exchange for this.

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Anyone have an SR60 and $35 that wants to trade for this?

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Aaand plans have changed. I want to buy a CD900ST, so I would like to sell this for cash ideally. Still $80+shipping. I'd keep it if all my headphones weren't so bright.

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Updated OP.

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