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AD700 + AD900 for gaming and positional audio cues

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OK Hi guys new here as you may tell from my low posting count ,


Not very good with writing and asking things so please bear with me thank you .


First off I have read a number of post here in this forum and other forums about  AD700 & AD900 and all saying how amazing they are for gaming and how great the positional audio cues are in games with them ,because they don't need a amp to boost the sound and have amazing sound staging which makes them great for gaming ,Ok after doing all this reading and watching youtube vids http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVme7rxdTLk where people are saying its like night and day and they feel like there cheating because they can pinpoint all sound and no where shots are coming from made me think ,This is what I want so after doing more reading and stuff I went out and got my self new sound card Asus STX with AD900 and for the love of god I can not work out what I must be doing wrong I do not hear any of this amazing positional audio cues that people are going on about . So I am thinking have I just wasted X amount of money on some thing that's never going to give me what I need .


So i am at this point now of just giving up gaming all together, Because the AUDIO as now become my game and not the game if you understand what i mean , Just tweaking and changing settings all the time and not really playing the games i like .


So frustrating :( 



By the way the game that i am talking about that i play is Battlefield 3 help .

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I have the Audio Technica Ath-AD700 and use them in 2.0 stereo with my reciever hooked up to the computer to play games like SKYRIM and FALLOUT 3 which is more then enough audio info for me. I've never felt the urge for the extra 3D effect considering how detailed some headphones are like KRK-KNS8400 which are very immersive.


From what you've said it sounds like your missing a component that will give you 3D sound with that enhanced spatial effect you wont get just using AD900 straight from its source. I dont remember the name of the part but i think its some sort of Dolby Logic converter and may or may not come with your sound card.


Theres plenty of threads discussing it so your best bet is doing a search with the term Dolby etc.


Enjoy the journey :)

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Thanks for replying yeah I done tones of reading about Dobly headphones and sound and yet i still can't get my ingame sound right ,I all so have HD650 phones which are amazing for music but gaming not so great for positional audio cues but come to think of it i am finding the AD900 not to be any better for gaming ,Seems strange for me to say that after reading loads threads about AD700 & AD900 and people saying just how amazing they are for gaming and they can pinpoint players i am like how the hell .So i left wondering should i of gotten the AD700 as i see that there the ones that are mostly picked by gamers in general and left wondering could there be that much difference between them ? .


The only reason i went with the AD900 over the AD700 is that I cant seem to find them any where to buy here but some guy was selling the AD900 on EBAY got them at a steel i think at just £130 pounds converted to $205 ,So would it be worth me reselling the AD900 & trying to get AD700 or is there not that much in them apart from one as more bass over the other .


All so I came across some guy saying that the AD700 are newer then AD900 which have been around for like five years is this right ? Please i need to some help if any one can thank you so much .

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Game positional audio will depend on the sound engine of the particular game your playing as well the surround sound  method your using in your case is dolby headphone if your setting it correctly to 5.1 output in the control panel it would then come down to the game in question.  Older games in general tend to have better audio as far as positional audio is concerned something like battlefield 3 has some really nice audio design and quality sounds like your in a actual battle but the positional audio isn't very good.


Personally I use Audigy 2ZS using KX audio drivers and setting the surrounder to 5.1 using Rpg Wizards settings result in really accurate positioning in games with my AD700 without any change to the sound quality at all but it depends on the game stuff like Quake Live,Counter strike 1.6, Killing Floor, and Call of Duty 4 gives much better postional audio then something like Battlefield 3.  Try one those games using DH with the AD900 and see if you get closer to the kind of the postional audio you wanted then you know its the games sound engine and not the your headphones or DH.  If it still doesn't work then maybe the generic hrtf in dolby headphone just doesn't work very well for you.  You could buy a used Audigy 2ZS for cheap and install KX audio  set the surrounder to the settings below and use it just for gaming works very well for postional audio and the 10 band EQ is very good would give the AD900 some nice clean bass boost.


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Hi guys back again ..


I really don't get it how people on youtube are using this settup and getting pinpoint positional audio ,After watching youvids I fill like the guys on there are lying ? . I mean I have what they have right but there saying how amazing the sound is for picking out gunfire and hearing footsteps ,


For me its like I'm in side a dustbin or trash can which way you like to call it ,Its like one mass of echo .


I feel sad :(

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There's a small chance that your personal HRTF is too different from the human average for things like Dolby Headphone, CMSS-3D Headphone, etc. to work properly for you. In that case, only the Smyth Realiser would work.


Anyway, the thing to make sure is that your Windows speaker configuration is set to 5.1 or 7.1, and that Dolby Headphone is enabled in the Xonar drivers. That should get it working as intended.


If echo is a problem, make sure you're not on DH3 mode, as that adds way too much reverb, and games already have their own reverberation effects. Make sure it's on DH2 or even DH1.


Also note that if BF3 is anything like BF:BC2, the audio mixing is pretty bad from a positional standpoint. Try BF1942 (with DS3DGX enabled, so you can turn on hardware sound acceleration; not quite sure how it works without having tested a Xonar card) or BF2 instead, if you have them. (BF1942's free on Origin anyway.)

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The ASUS card is not as good as the Creative card for gaming, more so on old games. People always recommend the Creative cards for gaming!


That said, in my experience the positional audio engines always suck. It sounds like total crap to me. Echoy, tinny, thin, distorted.



I just play on stereo, sounds much better, is more fun and has more than enough positional audio for me.


Watch this. It always sound like crap pretty much. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9ApNLMmeAs


While crysis doesn't sound as bad as BF3 or COD BO2, it still sounds very tinny. 

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So DX is = HRTF ? confused ..


so setting that on is like putting on 3d sound ,A bit like the CMSS found on creative cards ?


I tired my games with and with out that on and found no change in the sound what so ever ,Its like its doing nothing ?


All so found that not having Dolby headphone on and just using 8 channel on with stereo headphones and Having DX on just for the hell of it ..I seem to be getting better BF3 positional audio cues some how . I can tell when sound is left or right when i have it set this way strange right ? .


With Dolby headphone set to on with DX or with out makes no change , I get echo from sound and make's it very hard to work out where the sounds are ,Its just like you inside a tunnel .


So i am little confused as to why i got this card when people all round the net are saying how amazing it is to hear and pinpoint sounds in most games including BF3 .So i am thinking was they just trolling people to get them all so wast there hard earned money ..I am left now with very bad taste in my mouth and wonder will i ever trust another sole on the net when they tell me some thing .


I think its just a matter of taste maybe just maybe I mean they cant all be wrong RIGHT! But I would really love to get to the bottom of this before I lose my mind day in day out trying things to get it to work the way people are saying ..


I mean if i can't get it to work then i may as well just go back to my creative card and my SEN HD650 ..And just sell this new sound card and headphones ..

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