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For Sale: FS: Sennheiser HD800 Headphones - Toronto, Canada

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For Sale:
FS: Sennheiser HD800 Headphones - Toronto, Canada

Will Ship To: North America

Hey all,


I didn't think I'd ever do it, but up for sale is my HD800 that I really loved and cared for dearly over the last 2 years of ownership. They had always been my primary headphones and I though I'd live with them forever, but with the acquisition of Stax SR-007 they seldom got used and was thus demoted as my secondary headphones... I tried to live with them as my secondary pair for a while (sold my WA6SE then got the M-Stage to match with it instead, etc) and eventually I decided that they don't deserve to play second fiddle to anything... they're worth more than that... these really need a new loving home where they'd be someone's primary headphones and get a lot of love and use. I got a cheaper K550 to use as a secondary pair instead (they're more versatile as they're closed back) so now these will have to go in order to fund my Electrostatic adventures. It's been at times frustrating, but a fun and worthwhile journey with them... they are indeed very picky but once you find the right rig for them, they'll reward you greatly for sure. Truly a fantastic headphone.


As mentioned, they're two years old and have the serial number #06304. I was the first and only owner and have the receipt from the local authorized retailer here, Bay and Bloor Audio. The headphone themselves are good shape with no paint chips or anything of like that I can see (it was always kept inside their box when not in use)... but there is one cosmetic flaw and that is a small shallow fingernail-sized indent on the uber-sensitive metal grill on the lower half of the left cup (shown in one of the pictures)... it was not me who did it as I always take great care with my headphones and never keep my fingernails long, so I think one of my friends must have grabbed it the wrong way when they tried them out. It's entirely cosmetic, hard to see and obviously does not affect the sound quality of these headphones. The headband and the microfibre pads still have plenty of life left in them, but I would probably give them a wash once you receive them as I've used them for a while.  The cardboard box shows signs of use outside, especially on the bottom as I did move them around quite a bit. Inside where it matters, however, they're pristine.  The cables themselves are in good shape with no crinkling or ripping and the 1/4 inch jack still looks perfect.  I still have the outer box as well as shown.  I never requested the frequency response chart from Sennheiser for this unit, but you can do that once you receive them (as I'll include the receipt as proof of purchase).


I'd like SOLD shipped anywhere in North America for this pair, and that includes the shipping price and the Paypal fees. A local transaction here in Toronto, Canada would be great and would be my preference, in which case I can do it for a low price of SOLD flat. Sorry, but no trades at the moment... I need the money here to fund my Stax rig. As a bonus I can include a HD650 1/4 to 1/8 inch adapter (though I don't think you'll ever need that with this particular headphone).


Anyways, do PM me with your interest.  If you have questions need additional pictures for anything, do ask. Thanks!

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Hello! Please call the cell phone number I sent you - I reached my PM limit for today and cant PM you

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That was fast... tongue.gif Pending.

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because its good price!

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