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Firstly, I'll apologise if this has been asked before, I have searched the forum (for what seems hours) but cannot find the answer I'm looking for.


I'm due to order my first pair of CIEMS after years of not being able to achieve a decent seal from UIEMS and I would really appreciate some advice.  The four I'm currently considering are:


1964 V6

Heir Audio 4.A

UM Miracle 

UM Merlin


I made a trip to theheadphonecompany (St Margarets Herts) yesterday and met with Paul, he had a variety of different universal fit CIEMS to try out (demo), and I'm told that they're due to receive several more in the coming weeks, which is exciting as I believe this is the only place to do so in the UK. I also had my impressions done and they're sitting patiently on a shelf waiting to be moulded.


I had a chance to demo the 1964 V6 and UM Merlin, these were fitted with the UE bi-flange tips and what I'm told is the 'standard' CIEM cable. Initially I preferred the sound of the 1964 V6, it just seemed a lot 'fuller/warmer', now I think this may have been down to the seal, as the canals (if thats the right word) were bigger in radius on the Merlins and I struggled to get the buds to fit correctly. Hopefully theheadphonecompany will have a demo pair of Miracles to try out by the end of this week, but I here they're having trouble getting anything from Heir Audio for these purposes.


I listened through a variety of tracks from: Thrice (Vhiessu), Ben Howard (Every Kingdom) Trentmoller (The Last Resort) Opeth (Black Water Park) Nils Frahm (Felt) Portishead (Dummy) John Talabot (Fin) all of which I feel have their own merits in terms of production and sound character.


I wish I had the opportunity to trial the headphones for longer, its always hard in that sort of environment.  I think I was initially blown away by the 1964 V6 as these were first ones I tried, to be honest I think I'd be happy with any of the models mentioned in the subject matter.


I'm really just looking for someone to help me make up my mind about which to purchase.  I listen to a wide variety of genres and this will generally be through an iPod.  I live in central London and I suppose all will provide an adequate seal to block out urban life.


I have managed to whittle down to the above as I'm on a strict £700 budget. I'd extremely appreciate anyone who has the time to give their two cents, and many thanks in advance.