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Grado replacement headbands?

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I know that this thread has been started before, but nobody seemed to find any cheap headbands that you can buy online . I wanted to check if any have been found that completely replace the headband to improve comfort.
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I have found that replacing Grado headbands with other headbands is not worth it. I'm not talking about upgrading the vinyl slip to leather. I mean using an entirely different assembly. Other headbands that I've tried feel cheap and don't feel "right" on my head.

There is a Sony brand headband that some people have used. It looks worse imo but it might work well.
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I am using a headband from an old pair of Koss headphones, but they didn't really fit right so I had to use some wire and it looks really hackish and does not stay on that well, but the comfort is improved a lot.  I agree with you on the Sony's, they look kind of cheap and flimsy to me.
I want the same effect I am getting from the Koss headband but more professional.

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If you want to improve headband comfort, you could try one of the leather band upgrades from www.turbulentlabs.com

Also I think people have used those snap-on beyer headband straps.
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