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Deepest (not widest) soundstage in a closed can, preferably portable

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my search continous. as for now i am quite happy with the s500, but there is one thing i really miss. it is soundstage depth. i hate to be on stage together with the band. i prefer sitting on back seat of the concert hall and watch the concert from a good distance. 


i know, a lot of you prefer that more lively in your face sound, but i do not. headphones like m50, hd25 and the likes are not my cup of tea.


i am not speaking of a wide soundstage and i know, that closed headphones are pretty limited in soundstage capabilitys, but i would like to get it as good as possible. the dt770s have a wide soundstage for a closed can, but still put me in front of the stage. srh840 and srh940 do a better job from my perspective, but they are in no way portable to me.


best can i know, that has outstanding forward projection is the hd598. they give you a speaker like experience, but they are not closed.


m100 sounds as closed in as the s500, so they are no option.


i do not think i will find that experiance in any of the new big named cans, as i already tried a lot of them. but maybe there are some older not well known (anymore) models, that are tuned for soundstage depth.


what comes to your mind, when you think of a closed back with a distant presentation?

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try t50p beyerdynamic

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FA-003/002's have a neutralish sound signature (002 slightly more bass light compared to the 003), soundstage is narrow not wide, but has a very intimate up close projection, maybe first or second row.

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The ATH-A900X have a great soundstage, but they are pretty far from portable.

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I would look into the Ultrasone PRO line. I have the PRO 650 and that's the kind of presentation I get.
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sorry, but have to bump this

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Do not go for the ultrasone proline if you want a deep soundstage (I have heard the pro 550 only). They sound FLAT. Rather the hfi series for me

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i will never go ultrasone. i tried them all at the high endshow in munich and not only that i disliked their soundsignature, s-logic did not work with my ears also.

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Nah, not the best phones I have owned either. I have em because of the electromagnetic shielding
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still searching. found the cops not bad at all regarding soundstage depth, but i would not call them portable. too bad, that there seem to be only to higher end onears: dt1350 and m80. i wish, the companys would do more on ears. the dt1350 has a weird soundstage and the m80 is not the best isolator while soundquality is soso.

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If you don'y mind an obviously colored signature, Sony MDR-1R have an excellent depth presentation. It's the best i've heard in a portable enclousre, by far. I think it's defintely better than the likes of SRH840, K271mk2 and DT770, All of which i've owned. You should check the reviews here.

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Still prefer the SRH940 for portable. About the only closed can you can get that has a similar sound to the HD650.

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i wish more of an onear design.

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