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IEM like SE 535 for running

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I own a pair of SE535.  They are the only IEMs I've owned that fit in my ear and stay there when I'm running. I use the medium size foam tips.  


I owned a pair of CX 680 by Sennheiser.  I had to return them because I never got a good fit and they would fall out all the time.  I also purchased the Sport Fi S6 from Mee Electronics.  They stay in better than the CX 680s but still fall out after a few minutes.  I think I have strange shaped ears.


I'd rather not wear my SE535 when I'm running because they are very expensive.  Is there anything I can get that's cheaper but fit exactly like the SE 535s?


Is it the foam tip that's making the difference?

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I have the exact same problem, I don't wanna destroy my SE535s :) 


I would have to recommend the GR02 from Vsonic, they're like $30-40 and they have amazing sound that's pretty mid forward like the 535s, and the're really light so its pretty difficult for them to drop out while running. They might not stay in for some people, but I wear them over the ear so they are quite secure, at least for my purposes.

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I have always wondered how people can use IEM's for running? I think every step of mine sounds like thunder in my head. After a bit of time they also easily fall out. The new Apple EAR buds that came with me iPhone 5 and the Bang & Olufsen A8 Earbuds are the best work-out headphones I have used so far. 

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Same here, so my W4 can last a little longer, I got Shure 215 LE just for gym use, still have to deal with a little cable noise but at least it is not falling out of my ears

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The incoming Westone ADV might be good for you, supposedly it's designed for the rugged outdoors and whatnot.

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the thunder part is the reason why i dont use any music device while running, plus they also feel really sweaty after a while.

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I have always wondered how people can use IEM's for running? I think every step of mine sounds like thunder in my head. After a bit of time they also easily fall out. The new Apple EAR buds that came with me iPhone 5 and the Bang & Olufsen A8 Earbuds are the best work-out headphones I have used so far. 


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Would be interested in hearing everyone's thoughts on this - posted in the advice thread but didn't get a response. I'm looking for something for running that includes inline mic capabilities (for that emergency phone call or two). Does anyone have any recommendations to share?

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I use a pair of SE215. The sound quality is way better than any of the phones made for running on the market. But it has problems, like sound cut-off, I guess due to the fact that the cable connectors are exposed to sweat.

There's hope: during CES, a friend of mine who edits Gizmodo in Brazil tested a new Klipsch made just for runners, the A5i. This one may be the Eldorado for us runners biggrin.gif

I am trying to get my dirty pawns over a pair of those, no luck so far. But if you live in the US, they are avaliable at Amazon for 130 bucks, I guess.

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I would never use IEMs for running, not just because of the microphonics but also for safety concerns. If you ever run outdoors then isolation is the last thing you want -- you have to be able to hear traffic, other runners/bicycles announcing they're going to pass, etc. I use a pair of Sony MDR-G45LP behind-the-neck headphones; they're on-ear and don't isolate at all, but stay securely in place, and sound pretty decent. They're also only $15 so I don't feel bad if I break them. While I enjoy great sound quality just like anyone else here, when I'm running it's definitely a lesser priority.

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OK, but some of us run on isolated places or on a threadmill.
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Here are few IEMs which are close to SE535 in shape and they will fit well, also not that pricey like Creative Aurvana 3, RE272, RE262, SM3, UM3x, Westone 3, Westone 2, Sony XBA4, XBA3, PFE112 and Klipsch Custom 2, Custom 3.

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SE215. I think it's pretty difficult to break those things. 

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I don't see a problem with just using the 535 itself. I've been sweating on mine for years now without “much incident”. Shure will replace the cable for $16.


I say “much incident” because I did have that sound-out problem last year with one earpiece on the 535. However, now that I know to remove the earpiece occasionally  and use a connection-cleaner to prevent corrosion (from sweat, no doubt, seeping in) between the earpiece and cable (it's all good).


Cleaning the cable daily after sweating on it is a must. Every work day I wear my 535 while loading my truck and every day (even on cold days) I sweat. I sweat profusely (I'm a heavy sweater) yet my clear cable is still clear after years. They say it is inevitable that it will turn green from body oils but not if you clean it daily (at least in my experience). I carry a bottle of those disinfectant wipes and I usually give it a once over after I stop sweating and again at the end of the day.


I have an old Shure E5c (clear cable) that's still clear also. I use to jog with it daily between 2004 and 2007. After the jog I would use part of a paper towel and a dab of dish-washing liquid to wipe the cable down. Then I'd rinse it (using my hand to cover and keep the earpiece and the crossover in the Y-split from getting soaked). I would use a moist paper towel directly on the earpiece and Y-split crossover.


You can buy an extra 535 cable and some extra foam tips. I do have a modified triple-flange tip with one of the foam tips attached to the stem. I dip it in hydrogen-peroxide (every now and then) and let it dry in a box with Silica Gel. I mostly just use the triple-flange by itself and I clean it daily with hand soap.


If you think water has gotten thru the nozzle and inside of the earpiece of the 535 itself, you can store it in a box with one of those Silica Gel packs (overnight). It'll be fine.


Once you've had time to get over the fear of destroying a valued property, you'll find that it is really hard to tear it up without a hammer (or getting hit by a car on your run). Just run the line under your shirt and around your ears and clean it daily.


535 e5c.JPG

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I own both 215 and the 535 and i use the 215 exclusive for gym now. Throbbing bass and decent mids make it ideal for gym use.

P.S i use the etymotic tip on my 215, now i know how death must sound.
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