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Skylander DJ headphone review (Worth reading)

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With the recent Atari headphone review I got inspired to pick up the king of product placement headphones sitting at my local Big-W department store.




Skylander branded DJ style heasdphones.
Yup thats it. I got the fire dude ones, can't remember if there are other characters but I assume so.
Details: SLEHH001R 
- $28au.
- 2m 3.5mm cable
- 6.2mm converter
- Detachable cable
Now to begin I tried not to rush this review and you'll see why later on. 
Firstly you are presented with a child proof package which seems crazy considering the market for these must be 7 - 14yo, right? So parental assistance is required. Once open you'll notice that the headphones are detached, the socket here isn't a normal aux jack it's actually a mini USB port of all things, lol. I have never in my life seen any such thing which got my intrigue a burning. The plug wil only go one way and digs deep with a nice click which is nice. Next, this is another oddity; the cable length is 2m, now even for me (5"5') it is a tad long so imagine that on a short kid. The cable seems to be coated in some sort of stitched cord material, running your fingers down it to untwist it wil cause crazy carpet like burns!! Yes, I got burned. Additionally as most head-fi will love you get a 6.3mm jack to plug these rad phones into your hifi or in my case my Creative USB X-Fi HD 24bit 96kHz sound card ^_^


All plastic construction with plump cushioning on the ear pads and headband. I found the padding to be a little stiff and the plasticky leather is nice, but in my opinion probably has low durability so no leaving these bad boys in the sun kiddies. This part could be just me but they kinda resemble something like the Shure SHR440s or along those lines. These are made in China so for all we know they could be branded knock offs of decent cans. Being a DJ style they fold in every way you'd expect, flat, up like a ball and both cups flip out, all wires from left to right are completely covered.


Not schiit. Believe! Oh yes ladies and gentle worms these could possibly be the worlds best sounding $28 headphones! This is kinda why I believe they have to be a knock off, sound like this is hard to create and even replicate!
To give a refference can I think they sound a hell of alot like the Sony MDR-V6, once again you'll have to believe!
Like the V6 these are really detailed with great instrument separation, heavy tracks like Muse come out beautifully with many layers and don't sound like a muffled mess. The bass outta these using a flat EQ, but my decent sound card is great. I don't think they go as low as the V6 but 20 - 40 hz is easily audible. Out of my Experia phone I found them to be a fraction light on the bass verses the V6. The mids are detailed, like the V6 but a fraction more forward and tonely warmer without a spike on vocals (I think). The highs are bright and detailed right to the end, maybe even a fraction brighter than the V6 but only because the mids and highs are slightly bumped over the low end.
I have to say I expected a cruddy Beats like sound or that flat undetailed hollow horrid cheap 20hz - 20kHz sound.
In summery they sound like a warm detailed V6. Quite lovely.


Total summary:
These have to be a knock off to the highest degree. Something must have gone wrong in manufacturing as the cable is too long for a kid and the sound is far too neutral and detailed for a kid which most probably want something Beats like. Now I think there are a few Skylander headphones out there, these are the ones with the detached USB cable so look for these exact ones. I took my time here because these cans are actually good in my opinion and excitement causes me to rush.
Comment, rate my review, i'd love any input to help better myself.

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I have to ask, what made you buy them?  Not sure I could get past the kiddie graphics myself.

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The detachable USB cable port interested the hell out of me. I still don't get how it works but they sound impressive.

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They look eerily similar to the Sony MDR-V700DJ. A lot of DJ style headphones that are "knock offs" seem to take that similar shape. Interesting find though.

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