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Introduction and question about 128GB on Cowon J3

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First of all, hello to everyone, I´m new to he forum, and glad to be here.


Second, I´ve just bought a Cowon J3, and while I wait for it to arrive impatiently, I was thinking if it´s possible to put a 128GB SD card on it. I know people have succeeded on using a 64GB as I´ve quoted below from "kp-j3" user from Anythingbutipod forum:



(Your mileage may vary) 

Using firmware 2.26, and a SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra MicroSDXC Class 6 card. 

I formatted it in fat32, and loaded up approximately 6000 songs on it. I was using sleep mode, so the manually initiated database rebuild attempt did not work, it just blew out the old database for my 32gb card. Turned sleep mode off, shut down. Started and database built with no issues. 

Went from approximately 5800 songs with 32gb internal 32gb external to almost 9000 songs with a 32gb/64gb combo. 

It seems a little slower starting song 8890, but I guess it's because it's at the end of the card. 

If only my car stereo was more generous with its song limit (5000).

Anyone know when 128gb 
micro sdicon1.png cards are coming out? 



Has anyone tried a 128GB one, would it be possible?

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Welcome to the forum petesurfer. Presumably you mean a 128GB microsdxc card. I have heard (as your post indicates) about people formatting a 64GB card to FAT32 using a card reader and then copying 60GB of files. This seems to work but I think something is different with the 128GB cards conforming to SD 4.0 specification. Also when you wish to add/modify content you have to remove the card and edit it using a card reader as opposed to simply plugging in the player. I was quite surprised when I first heard that it was possible to do this as I thought 32GB was the limit for microsdhc.
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Thanks for the reply Sefelt103, as a follow-up question: As the unit uses both the internal memory (8,16 or 32gb depending on model) and also the sd card, when it comes to connecting the unit directly to a pc, does the pc mount both memory spaces in one combined drive? I´m thinking about the nuisance you mentioned of having to write to the 64GB card with a separate SD card reader/writer. Would it be possible to avoid having to do this regularly by just leaving the "bulk" or "backbone" of our music collection on the sd card and leave the internal memory for the "new" or "recent" music one´s listening to (which we would update or change frequently), which in theory could still be accesible by connecting the J3 directly (although the SD Card would be unreadable). Is the internal memory still accessible if the SD card is unreadable?

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I don't own a J3. Usually you see the two drives in Windows. It should therefore be possible to update the internal memory even though your expansion card does not appear or is inaccessible. This is the way my Nationite S:Flo2 works although I have not attempted to put a 64GB microsdxc card in.
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