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For Sale: FS: HiFiMan HE-500 [ UK / EU ]

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For Sale:
FS: HiFiMan HE-500 [ UK / EU ]

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I am looking to sell my wonderful pair or HiFiMan HE-500's that I picked up a little over a year ago from another head-fi'er who had bought them but not used them. They were imported into the EU so all the import duties/excise taxes have been paid for and the unit would ship out of the UK to any EU address using standard, tracked shipping. 


Reason for sale is quite simple: I am looking to upgrade to HE-6's or consider looking into the world of Stax. I had grown to love these headphones and as a result they have around ~125 hours of usage on them. They are in excellent condition, would rate 8.5-9.0/10 on the Audiogon scale. There are no marks or blemishes on any of the metal components. The velour is in very good shape, and the leather headband is also in very good shape (only very minor wear if you would call it that- it looks like natural leather). 


These have the thick black, single-ended Canare cable. Original leather box is included. 


Payment would be via PayPal or Bank Transfer. 

Shipping: This is *not* included in the cost, please PM me for quotes, these vary greatly based on where it's going. I would likely ship via tracked DHL.


Price: 450 GBP [Excellent considering these sell for about 695 GBP in the UK new] 


P.S: Also available is a Schiit Lyr amp which I use with the HE-500's. This is one of the first (if not the first!) Lyr to make it into the EU/UK as a factory built 240v/50Hz unit [I was in contact with Jason Stoddard before the units for the EU were built]- comes with the a UK kettle cord but can be fitted with a EU plug. Separate FS thread for this - but I am adding this on for those who might want to buy the full kit. 



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How much for the amp+phones kit ?

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Originally Posted by anton2dan View Post

How much for the amp+phones kit ?



Both amp and headphones are still available. I am currently looking for 300 GBP for the amp. This is 150 GBP below retail price, the majority of the warranty is still valid and all original packaging/invoices is included.




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Sold. Thanks to all who contacted me with inquiries.

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