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But I think vocals shining on both. That's because I wrote them as they produce great mids in my opinion.

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Well, yes, the Grado SR80i will give you extra clarity, because of the accentuated treble response. 

and clarity makes you hear the women vocals better... 


But, when you listen to it for a long time, you realize the treble is artificially boosted, and it is unnatural...(e.g: "colored").


if you look here, you can see that not only the Mids do not bloom, but they are somewhat recessed...


when you listen to a headphone such as an "Audio Technica" headphone, which is known for it's mid'ish quality.. then you realize what a true mid-centric headphone is :)

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Thanks for the information. I love my SR80i because I like women vocals. I agree it has some boosted treble and its harsh sometimes. But anyway I think it's a great headphone for the price.


I'm interested in Audio Technica headphones. I'm planning to buy one in the near future. Can you recommend some? Especially for women vocals. I heard that ad700 is great for the price and its listed in here, what about ad900? Is that far better or should I go with ad700?

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AD700 was great, but is outdated now, and was replaced by the AD700X.

The Audio Technica AD700X is the best headphone for starters IMHO, as it does not require an external amplifier to reach greatness, and sound very 3D, audiophile, and is also extremely comfortable.

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Hmm I see.


But ad700x isn't exist in my country only ad700. I'm between Grado sr225, ad700 and ad900.

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AD700 then ;)

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Just wondering if anyone has compared Audio Technica ESW9 to Shure 530 or 535? I am looking for the most close, lush sounding female vocals with decent bass and rolled off highs.

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Audio Technica ATH-IM50?

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No I'm talking about this:


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Reading the audio-technica-im50-im70-appreciation-and-discussion-thread ,

Thracian says: "my IM50 sounds very U/V shaped to me. Mids seem recessed eh."

SyCo87 says: "Voices sound recessed but, some instrument take front stage."

then when you read this thread:


you can say for sure: those are Warm & Sweet (big on bass and mids, with not much treble detail/air there)...


So yes, they have good mids, but also - a good deal of bass.

so they do not fit the Mid-centric catagory...

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Old Yamaha orthodynamic? Such as HP-1, HP-100 and legendary HP-1000, know also as ''YH''. I own HP-1 and midrange, especially female vocals are outstanding.

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I'll take your word on this ;)

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Would the KRK kns8400 be a midrange centric headphone? Heard good things about it...was planning to buy as well.
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