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Aune X1/Fubar IV/Topping D2/Zero

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Here is what I am looking for: desktop USB DAC with optical input, can have a built in headphone amp but I can go separate if needed. I want to not only run my headphones (either direct from unit or separate headphone amp) as well as feed the signal to my external amp for my 2.1 system. I do not want a sound card recommendation as I like to play with the external hardware and have a nice volume control for my headphones on the desktop. I would like to stay in the $200 range. Here is a list I have found so far with its pros and cons:
Aune X1 - limited to 16/48 through USB but has preamp out
Fubar IV - same as above
Topping D2 - same as above may not have as good of DACs
Zero - no analog line in and have heard the build quality has gone down hill.
I would like to throw the schist magni/modi in there as I might be able to do without the optical if the USB in is that good but there is only one output on the modi, can I split this to go to my external amp as well as the magni?
What other external equipment can accomplish my tasks yielding excellent DAC results while staying in my price range.
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Adding the audioengine d1, maverick Audio tubemagic D1 and the audio-gd Nfb 12.1 (but not sure where to get one)
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Bump. Have also been looking into DACs. Any help is appreciated

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I am going to add the HA INFO DA1 to the list even though no one is really watching this thread. May have to just pull the iggeer on one and see what happens.
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The Maverick is great if you need a ton of inputs. 


Couple things. 

The RCA line in can have a ground loop hum. At least mine does. 

It doesn't make a great headphone amp. The headphone output is not that great, I finally had to hook my E9 up to it, because the volume on the Maverick is over the top ridiculous.

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I think that Aune X1 is limited to 16/96, and upgrade to it, Aune X1 MK2 have all new DAC, can go 24/192 through USB, and is price marked around $200

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