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i20 interference noise (possibly ghosts)

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I realize this may be a dumb question since it doesnt seem to bother my normal listening sessions, but its been bugging me recently so I thought I would ask. I'm looking for some advice on my pure i20 and a strange noise I have been hearing. The i20 is being used as a dock only feeding my DAC via digital cable.

When I turn the volume on my amp around 60% or higher I get some interference noise using my mad dog and a friends Sony V600. The sound with the mad dog is a surging "swoosh/soft static" noise, but does not happen every time i turn the volume up. With the V600 i get a surging high pitched whine that reminds me of radio noise, and other times a long high pitched "siren" noise which I can hear every time. The volume of the noise will vary and sometimes the surging will come in intervals of 5-6 seconds and other times completely random. The noise is only present when the i20 is powered on(in standby and while on pause). I tested plugging the i20 into another outlet, different cables, and moving it away from my other equipment, but the noise is still present. When i moved the i20 it did seem to make the volume of the noise change randomly. The amp and DAC were tested separately, and are completely silent until I add the i20 into the chain. The sound is not present with my LCD-2 or HD650. Any advice would be great so I can figure out if I have a defective unit or if this is something I shouldn't bother worrying about.


Equipment used
i20 with iPod classic
Blue jeans cables
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Maybe a Defective unit or your headphone cable doesnt support that kind of power, or the ghost know that Sony isn' what you want to listen to at the moment.

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I never heard of a headphone cable not being able to handle certain power outputs, but I just tried the mad dog with a v-moda cable and adapter, but no luck. That leaves defective unit or ghost as the currently possibilities.
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This happens to me when I plug my Sony XBA-1 IEMs to my DAC as well. But I use them only when I'm not home, I have Koss headphones that I listen to at home.  

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