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V-Moda LP2 Vs. M-80?

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I would like to first say, I'm not much of an audiophile. I own Sony MDR XB-500's and Sennheiser HD 280's, and I was looking into the LP2, or M-80's. I can tell a good pair of headphones from a bad pair... But defining small tweaks in mid's and high's and treble's is beyond me. I'm not a DJ, or a Studio music producer. I Just want headphones to use at home that are good. I've done my research and I've seen LP2's have punchier, deeper bass, and M-80's are better vocal headphones. I listen to mostly hip-hop/rock music. Which ones would be better for my listening? Which ones are better overall? I've never had an on-ear headphones as I believe they aren't as good as noise canceling, and I use my headphones on buses and walking to school and walking mostly everywhere so that's a big thing for me. Thanks Guys!


ALSO: I Don't have a portable amp, if that's an issue because I've noticed it can greatly affect headphones, and I'm either plugging it into my iPhone or Computer. 

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I'd recommend the M80 nopt only because I owned the LP2 previous incarnation that was horrible but I currently own a pair of M80's and all I can say is that they are much better overall headphones however I suggest you try them both first and avoid a blind purchase in spite of my opinion. YOUR EARS ARE THE BEST JUDGE

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