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is the HM-601 supposed to play 24/192 ?

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Hi everyone,


I am wondering if the HM-601 is supposed to be able to play 24/192 files ? I've got such an album from HDTracks and it freezes everytime I try to play one of the track.


Thanks :)

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No, it shouln't be able to do that. Hardware limitations. 96/24 is possible. If you really want to listen to that album, you'll have to down-convert it to 96/24. As far as I know... At least this is the case with my HM-602.

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Thanks for you reply :)


That's what I thought and I mostly stick with 24/96 anyway, I only had one 24/192.

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You should also be aware of fact that the player can decode 24/96 files, but can only output at 44,1. Or so I heard. Despite of this, I like the sound very much... so no complains.

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