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How to spot a fake UE 6000?

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I'm considering picking up some used UE 6000s for $125.  What are some things that I should be looking for?

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Fake beats yes, fake UE6000's no such thing AFAIK.

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Good to know.  Thanks!

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Just in case anyone comes across this post, I've just been sent a fake UE 6000.  The Box said it was a UE 6000, and it looks very similar, so I think someone got hold of the right outer shell.  But, the battery compartment had been glued closed, the on-off switch didn't work, and instead of the removable cable with a microphone and inline controls, it had a captive cable with no microphone or controls, but with a power connector for external power from a plug!

Here are some photos:

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Sounds like someone sold you a store's display model. Looks like what places like Best Buy are sent to display. Those have a hardwired cable, sealed battery compartment, and fake on/off switch. They're probably legit, just not a retail model.

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