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SQ and DAP choice

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I somehow find out that my Ipod photo (4th gen color screen, 40 gb )is still alive , now I have 3 things that I can use as a DAP

so the choice goes like this

Ipod 4th gen with lod to fiio e17

Iphone 4s with lod to fiio e17

Ipodtouch 4thgen with lod to fiio e17


they will all be used with Beyer DT1350 and JVC FXD80

which one have the best SQ of them all? I am keeping them as stock as possible , I am using a composition of Mp3 with various quality and some part of ALAC files , I am syncing them with itunes for the convenience of it , so I don't think I will be touching FLAC anytime soon

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Try the accudio app free version with your dt1350.
Tell me what you think of the special setting for the dt1350.
I found it cleared up my headphones using it.
I think you can also add single FLAC tracks using itunes on the free version.

Use your iphone 4s as it has the best/lowest headphone output impedance of the touch and iphone.

ipod 4 has the wolfson dac WM8975 and the iphone 4S and ipod touch4g have Cirrus dacs.

Which sounds the best? well thats up to your ears really. Try them all out.

*Ah, just checked your profile and see you already have the E17, with fiio L9 LOD.
I found investing in a better LOD made it less muddy.
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Yeah, I need to gather money to make a good LOD , I either have an L9 or  generic detachable cable LOD . I will give the accudio app a try later on , should both the iphone 4s and ipod touch sounds the same,using that same set up that is .

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should sound fairly similar.

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The iMod iPod willbe better (either send 4G iPod for iMod or buy new one) and with AMPs it will sound best because it much more cleaner and shows more details in music.

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I should really consider the imod option , how much is the working time? like how long does it take for your ipod to be sent back to you?

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