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Forum Rules?

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I finally got an account here at the urging of some vendors at T.H.E show in Las Vegas. Wanted to sell a pair of IEMs and I got a message to check the forum rules. Do I have to do seasoning or something?


Tell me what I did wrong and what i should expect.




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You need to have been a member for a month and made at least 15 posts (though making 15 random rubbish posts to reach that mark is not permitted). If you need to sell something now I suggest eBay or Audiogon.

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How is it that people go about exchanging headphones for money once theyve agreed to do so? Is it through pay pal or something like that?

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I want to list something but im not sure...then again i do not have enough posts yet

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I would make my mind firstly , but , dunno ~

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Ive had my account for well over 30 days and I have over 15 posts. Any reason as to why i cant create an ad?

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Maybe you don't know how?

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Well, it doesnt seem like rocket science lol

I click on the create a classified listing and then at the top it says "You are not allowed to post classifieds. Please check the forum rules for more information."

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So, if thats not how you do it...then yes im doing it wrong.

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I went and saw you've made your 15th post today. Sometimes it can take a while to give you the permissions needed. Meaning, it's not instantaneous.

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just for 15 post

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coke and water

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Even to post a wanted ad? I would have thought...Oh well...One post down 8-)

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Please, whatever you do, don't make useless posts to get classified access.

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How will I be able to post 15 times. I need a strategy here! One that doesn't offend. That keeps things bouncing along. I need to develop an ability to write posts about what I know little of! For example 'headphones': Till i can buy some semi serious ones, I'm one step behind in the knowledge. Luckily help is always close to hand here! One step closer...:L3000:

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