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Hey guys, I'm trying to see if such a product exists.


I have at home a Schiit BiFrost, and Schiit Valhalla. I like to use it to amp my Ultrasone Pro 900s as me and my fiancee enjoy using them. The thing is I also have some UM Merlin's that I like to use. We often like to listen to the same music.

The question is, is there a product that connects to the analog output of our amplifier (Valhalla) and provides yet another adjustable gain stage for each headphone output? Obviously the Pro 900s need quite a bit more power than the UM Merlin's, not to mention there is an impedance imbalance. Connecting these together with a simple Y splitter would likely end in disaster.


Anything like this exist for a fair price? (none of that crazy Summit-fi stuff for what amount to some wire and a couple pots!)


The thing I'm trying to avoid is a purpose-built amplifier, as we already enjoy the sound of our Valhalla and don't want to mess with that! :)


EDIT: What I suppose I should add is that I am looking for a well-though-out product. Ideally I would like something that has good quality pots like the Alps used in our Valhalla. I definitely don't want a "clicky" button like a lot of the iPod adapters have because I feel it would leave me little room to fine-tune the volume. Additionally, I'd like something that natively supported 1/4" TRS. Most of my cans are 1/4" and I'd rather adapter down for the few that won't work with that than adapter up almost everything I own :) Thanks!

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