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So the guys on the other forum asked me to come down here and ask you guys. So I actually wanted to re cable headphones and need to get some wire, about 15 - 20 ft which is around 4 - 5m. I cant seem to find a good source to buy my cables and have them shipped internationally with good prices. I understand the thickness of the wires used doesn't play a important part in low amp applications such as headphones but am still not very sure if I want to use the flimsy enamel coated stuff so would prefer pvc coated wires.


I found these CANARE L-4E6S STAR QUAD going for about $10 per 10feet on ebay -


But wanted to know if you guys knew what would be the most appropriate wiring for me and if I can get a better deal anywhere else? I don't want to spend a fortune on wiring and I will sleeve them with 550 paracord anyway, so any links you had, or had any spare wiring I could have (would gladly pay for it) or if you knew any good sellers or maybe ebay auctions I should look at would help me greatly.