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Originally Posted by SmOgER View Post

Well, You cant get much of a 30Hz, but combined with 60Hz it certainly gives big earthquake on bassy headphones wink.gif

Boosted 100Hz<  on many (bass capable) headphones gives this muddy shadow of lows, which destroys clarity. 


Yea but it's a difference between punchiness and constant low-hum... my point was the difference between them in impact. 


Check this classic trance track for example:




At the beginning you hear mostly the midbass, the "thump", while it's filled out a little with subbass to sound fullier but without the thump this beat would be a soft humming without much impact. On Beats headphones for example, this "thumping" will feel more like a hammer is hitting you with every beat, while on DT770 it will have a much softer impact. There's a chance the OP enjoys this "hammer-to-the-head" punchy bass impact. :P


Just thinking logically here, OP comes from Beats to DT770 and isn't satisfied with bass. Beats are a very midbass focused headphone with punchy bass, DT770 is more a rumbly but softer bass. The difference in subbass shouldn't be all that big in them (the DT770 also have better extension as Beats rolls off quickly & heavily after 30Hz) but there is a big difference between midbass in them => OP probably wants more midbass. I've never personally had great experience with trying to EQ up the midbass either, subbass works better to increase EQ-wise than midbass, the end result is usually worse when trying to boost midbass versus subbass as it will mostly add audible frequencies but it won't necessarily increase the physical impact with the "thumping", at least that's my experience so if you enjoy that punchy bass you're better off to buy a headphone that offers punchy bass to begin with. XB800 for example offers extremely punchy bass it seems, others are for example V-Moda LP/LP2, Ultrasone Pro900, M-Audio Q40, Audio Technica Pro700MK2 and I guess Sennheiser HD25-II (quantity wise not THAT bassy but extremely punchy bass for the quantity it packs, I've tried them myself and can confirm this)


For many years ago I also came from a Sennheiser HD212 pro to a DT770 pro/80 and was also disappointed with DT770's bass and later on I can now say when I got more knowledge is that it was due to the lack of midbass on DT770. Don't get me wrong though, the Tanks in for example Unreal Tournament 3 shook my head like never before from the low-humming engine noise with the DT770, the subbass was stronger but the midbass was noticably less present so it lacked punchiness.

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Thanks for all the responses, read them all. Helped out a lot. I guess I will burn them in and see what happens from there!

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I just ordered a pair.

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Hey man.  Just wanted to let you know that I was in the same boat as you a few weeks ago.  I use the s3 as well, and it simply can't power the 80 ohm version.  As soon as I added an amp I could pump the volume and bass so loud that people sitting next to me get headaches.  You will be shocked at the difference.  Not only is the bass extremely strong, it also becomes much clearer with an amp.  Good luck man.

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Originally Posted by er0senn1n View Post

UPS guy dropped off my headphones 5 minutes ago, I was so happy to hear them until I played a song on them with my Galaxy S3. These things lack so much bass. My brothers Beats have more bass. Is it because I have to burn them in? I don't have a amp yet but i will be getting the ZO2.3 soon. Will that make a difference or should I just return them and find bassier cans? Can anyone suggest anymore cans with bass that dont surpass $179.99 because that's how much I paid for the DT-770.


Plug them into an amplifier. Also, I think your expectation of "big bass" is not what this headphone will provide. They have more bass than "neutral" headphones, that's for certain.


Don't misunderstand good bass with a lot of bass with crazy bass. What you are expecting is that "car subwoofer" bass boom. Many headphones, like beats, will take pretty much any bass hit and just give you that "car sub" feeling. That has nothing to do with EXACT bass.


Key up a song on your playlist that actually HAS big bass and check it out. As a matter of fact - listen an hour and test a bunch of different tracks WITH an amp.


All said: mine will, on the right tracks, give me a f§*§$ing headache! Clear, loud bass that doesn't distort. It will actually hurt. And I have a big ass subwoofer in the car btw. Don't get me wrong I can enjoy crazy bass as well.



Originally Posted by Supertoaster View Post

I thought the DT770 Pro 80's were bass monsters? Maybe it has to do with how they are positioned on your head or you got a bad pair (very unlikely)


unless previously you were using beats or something that have super exaggerated bass 



Bass monsters from a flat and good bass point of view. 


Hmmm kinda weak bass from the "beats" and "car subwoofer" fraction.

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I went to Guitar Center to try out the DT770's and was majorly disappointed in terms of bass.  Yes, they were comfortable so I hooked them up to my iPad with Fiio E11 and Line Out connector to give them a try.  VERY disappointed after reading all the head-fi reviews and amazon reviews about these having bass.  PLEASE do yourself a favor and try the SOL Republic Tracks HD headphones.  Bestbuy price matched a recent Amazon sale that was going on to get them for only $95!!  These Tracks HD BLOW the DT770s OUT OF THE WATER in terms of bass.  I had also tried the Beats Studio...yes the bass was heavy but the sound was so muddy flat almost mono sounding.  I had the Beats Studio for 1 day and said there is no way I am going to keep these for $330 and I have to buy batterys for them???  The sound was very bad compared to my bose but yes it does have that punchy vibrating bass i was looking for...except it drowned out all of the music, so I returned the Beats Studios the next day......The SOL Republic Tracks HD are WAY better than even the $300 beats.  If you go to bestbuy, they don't even have the Tracks HD out to try and they even had the regular Tracks (Less Bass and generally cheaper headset) on display and labled it the Tracks HD.  When I asked an employee about them he was like "Uhh I dunno".  I went to another bestbuy in my area and they made the same mistake on the headphone listening panel.  It seems no one really knows about how awesome these Tracks HD headphones are and that is why they are so cheap.  Do yourself a favor, try out the Tracks HD and see how much bass and sound you get from these very affordable headphones...bestbuy will even price match amazon.


Also the bass DOUBLES with the Fiio E11 and the Tracks HD.  But with the DT770s, there was almost no difference with or without the E11.  Same goes for my bose headset.  If I use the Fiio E11 with the bose...the bass and eq effect of the E11 on them is minimal.  With the Sol Republic Tracks HD...its like night and day.  You get about 2-3x more volume, twice as much bass, and the EQ really cleans up the sound on them.  Its really insane...  All together, $95 for my Tracks HD, and $65 for the Fiio E11 + Extra battery and charger....and i have MIND BLOWING BASS with my music.  Its really an entirely different experience to listen to music through this setup vs my Bose or even the DT770's which I tried right out of the box at Guitar Center....

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BTW: Bass monsters on headfi.org has a way different meaning that normal people saying "monster bass".


Monster bass on headfi is like a tad bit louder bass than flat. Use any normal headphones and pull all the eq except 50 and 100 and 150 Hz down 2 or 3 notches. That is headfi "crazy bass".



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Nope, these things are definitly bass heavy, but not bass crazy like Sony's xb700s.

Anyway, I had the same problem. It all depends on how they're on your head. If you push them farther up, like toward your face, the bass will increase DRAMATICALLY.

Push em back and the bass will drop.
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I understand what the thread creator means.... Also bought the dt770 a week ago and although i enjoy the spacious sound and great clarity and separation, when comparing with the at m50 x the bass impact on the ath m50x hits much harder. Also i came from headphones like the sennheiser hd25 and sennheiser momentum where the bass slam is much harder as well. Like me the op probably is used to midbass and not subbass (deep bass). The dt770 is a headphone that is considered to be a basshead can not because it hits very hard but because it goes lower on the bass when other headphones start to roll off. This is my view on this subject after 1 week with them.... Its not crappy bass its simply a diffrent kind of bass. It hits hard but not hard enough for some like me who think impact is more important than the quantity of the bass or how low it goes

Those looking for hard hitting, punchy and voluminous bass slam look elsewhere because the dt770 does not have that kind of kick. Its strength lies on making really deep tones sound like they would sound on a subwoofer (like a tiny earthquake).

Guess i just found out that i am more of a midbass guy.....

Oh and yes, if the dt770 ii positioned all the way forward (with the ears touching the back of the pads) the bass gets a bit more noticeable.
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