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Ears hurt from listening even at low volumes

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I've always had this problem were after about 10-30 minutes oh listening to headphones my ears start hurting, my left more so than my right. This doesn't happen when I listen too loud things without headphones... So I'm guessing it doesn't have to do with volume. Just wondering if anyone has experienced something like this, as this really takes away from me enjoying music. After about 30 minutes of this (sometimes less) it becomes unlistenable because my ears are in pain and almost feel a little swollen. I've never listened to open cans, so maybe it has something to do with closed ones. Any help would be appreciated, and I'm really not sure if this is the right forum to ask on.
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Weird, what headphone model are you using? probably sound fatigue? 

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DT 770 LE, but it happens with all my other headphones too (cheapo headphones, all closed back)
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Sounds like a medical issue. Maybe see an ear specialist? I can wear headphones for hours on end, and even at higher volumes I have little to no pain/fatigue.

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i believe your experiencing listening fatigue?


from what iv experienced, you have two option to try and remedy this:

1. crossfeed - available in many software versions, including some that are compatible with foobar. tried it myself, didnt like it, did help a little bit. hardware is also available but iv never tried it

2. eq - by far what id recommend, i eliminated my fatigue issues entirely following that 3rd link i gave you. 


here are some links, for your consideration:






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I have simular problem.  I was never able to listen to headphone for more than 1hour.  I've tried different type and different brand and have simular problem.  I can feel the is pain in the ear; it felt like on the eardrum hurting or straining.  It is the same pain if I listened to very loud music in the car or with home speaker.  But, with the headphone, I'll have the volume at a much lower level, low enough where I can just hear the music and a little bit louder, and the pain developed about about 30 minutes or so into it.  Like one website is saying, because the headphone is right next to the ear any sound that is generated by the speaker goes directly to the ear.  With music from speaker in the car or home there is some distance or air between the speaker and the ear.  Maybe there are some high impluse sound that is generated by the speaker but is mellowed out because of the distance.


However, I did noticed that the Grado SR60 is less painful compared to the HE-400 or the ear pod that came with iphone.  Maybe my ear is espeical sensitive a certain frequecy spectrum?

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Hey, i saw your post and just wanted to help out. If u are still having the problems, try to stop using headphones. The ear drum is really delicate and when you use headphones(especially earphones), the vibrations can damage the cells. Even low volume is bad at one point. Don't keep using headphones because it could lead to hear loss.

-Hope I Could Help

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What was the outcome, Quote? I experience something similar
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Well you are right i experience the same problem
stop using headphones for a while it will be alright

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This started happening to me recently and I don't know why.

One hypothesis is noise or hiss.

Sounds that are imperceptible I have read can inflict pain to the eardrum.

It can also be related to the headphone itself; started when I moved from DT 770-80 to 990-32.

I am considering wearing my DUBS acoustical filters when I listen to music on my headphones...after taking a couple of weeks off from headphones.

I also started wearing ear protectors when walking around NYC since low frequencies can also harm the ears as we age.
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Sensitivity to sound is often caused by magnesium deficiency. Most people in the US are magnesium deficient. 

Good food sources of magnesium are raw nuts and seeds, especially pumpkin seeds(pepitas).

If you decide to take magnesium supplements, space them out through the day and take them with food.

If you take too much magnesium at a time, it has a laxative effect. That is especially true for magnesium citrate. 

Magnesium malate is much less likely to have a laxative effect when the doses are spread out through the day.

Supplements containing 400mg of magnesium a day spread out over three doses is good(one each meal),

especially if you also add nuts and seeds to your diet.








Vitamin B1 deficiency also seems to be linked to sound sensitivity.






Some medications can cause hypersensitivity to sound.



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Thank you.
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You're welcome. Let us know what you are doing to increase your magnesium intake, and if it is starting to make a difference. I take 400 mg a day of magnesium supplements in the form of magnesium malate. I take the Source Naturals Magnesium Malate tablets, one after each meal. I also eat plenty of raw nuts and seeds, as well as green leafy vegetables and legumes. I might average  400 mg+ a day from my diet. That is in addition to the 460 mg a day I get in supplements. 


Magnesium and vitamin D are probably the two greatest deficiencies most in the US suffer from. Magnesium is also a cofactor for vitamin D, and needed for vitamin D to function properly. 



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I started eating a small bowl of pepitas each of the past three days, still need to go the the pharmacy for supplements.

I still live with 6000 MHz in by head.

My left ear, I suspect, was burned by defect DT990-32 I bought in Mass Drop. When I did a mid by adding another layer of fabric, I noticed a hole in the driver in the left cup... Photo to follow.

I just may be paying the price for loud music, especially since buying the Mojo.
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