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Pads for Sony Mdr V55?

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Hello gals. I am looking out for other pads than stock ones for my Mdr V55 headphone (it says it has 40mm drivers but pads cover all the ears. They make my skin itch). Would be glad if you help me.



Best regards

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I got the sony v55's yesterday and so far they've been really clamping down on my ears and after 10 mins or so with them on, it starts hurting and my ears heat up.  I would really like to know if theres different ear pads I can buy to replace the stock ones.  Some material that lets my ear breathe a little.  Any suggestions folks?

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Well I've done a blindshot ordered a couple of es7 velour pads and a pair of k518 pads. Will report the results when they arrive.
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looking forward to it.

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Clamping force lowers after a few months. Bought mire by mid-2012. Right now the clamp on my ears doesn't bother even after using the headphones for 2+ hours.

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I don't have any problems with the clamping force of v55, but the pads are terrible as they heat my ears up after like 20min, mine is also 1 year old, and I use it moderatly with other headphones, Still they sound so good for the price, I also like the look of them, peace
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Got mine today, and I also find the clamping force a bit too much and they heat up my ears after few hours! Also starting to hurt so I have to take them off for 5 minutes.


Anyone found a good pad replacement for them?


There is this thread I found and they say u can improve the Sony V55s by a lot with just replacig it with fitting over-ear pads.

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