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How do you see the Earth 100 years from now?

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I'll start with at least 75% of the worlds population gone.

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Earth probably won't be able to support humans due to natural disasters and man-made problems.  

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Idk, we might just have figured out cold fusionby then, who knows?

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The problem with predicting the future is that the predictions are always based on extensions of what we know now - and they can't include what we don't know. When innovations happen, they usually seem new & cool, but not really miraculous, because we have seen the incremental changes that lead up to the new thing. However, to the resident of 100 years ago, MANY of the things today would be completely unfathomable. So, although we don't all have robot servants and houses on the moon, we can send pictures, video and books around the world in seconds, and we can replace a person's heart when it is worn out, or repair damage to their brain. We haven't cured cancer and we now have HIV/AIDS, but smallpox & polio vaccines would seem like miracles to our friends from 1913.

So - what about 2113? I see a significant change in how personal transportation is accomplished. The conventional gasoline engine is a museum & collectors item. Small & efficient fuel cells powered by hydrogen, methanol, etc are the most common source of power. Fuel cells also become a huge part of the industrial power production.

Hydrogen will be extracted from water by a currently unknown process that is very efficient & cheap. This abundance of cheap power drives significant changes to the socio-political world - breaking down old barriers - but also creating new industrial giants that control the access to the new technology - at least for a while. There is still plenty of world poverty - especially in countries that have been the slowest to respond to the new energy technology. The old OPEC countries are now among the poorest countries in the world - primarily due to the incompetence of the leadership in not only ignoring the change away from oil, but actively fighting against it and therefore causing their countries to be excluded as the new industrial giants spread around the world.


The world is completely different, yet somehow exactly the same.
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Sometime, the earth will not be able to sustain the exponentially increasing population.

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Everyone will be staring at their phones constantly...

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Read this. It is a great 10 minute fast read on a similar situation.




It is the year 2272 A.D.

A computer continues to live on in order to complete a mission in a world where all life, including Mankind, has gone extinct. This is a record of those 27 million years of its heroic struggle.


This is a compilation of all short stories he made. There are other short stories that will show up after the first one that are unrelated and are seperate from each other. They can get a bit "mature" in terms of content so you can just stop after you finish the main one called Hotel.


My prediction? Africa having had immense human die off and destabalization in Eurasia as opposed to now.


There will be more "clearner" machines to prevent the bad stuff and much different living style (in Australia, you cant go out without sunscreen for example right now).


What I have seen is that humans like to clean up messes or try for some back handed solutions at the last minute. We have technology. So I predict that that technology will curb the effects and allow us to pollute for even longer.

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Rising sea level will change the face of the Earth.  

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Originally Posted by LordSnail123 View Post

Sometime, the earth will not be able to sustain the exponentially increasing population.

True, global overpopulation is having a massive impact on animals and the environment and Its only gonna get worse unless we start having some sort of mass sterilisation of people or some kind of law preventing people having more than one child like in china, the Earth can only take so much and we need to do something about it now otherwise the entire human race is f***ed.

I really like this thread.
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I have faith that the universe doesn't really give a d@mn what happens to the human race. With that said, I also think that nature has a way of dealing with overpopulation. To date, human adaptability and technology have been able to delay the natural kill-off mechanisms of disease, famine, environmental disasters, etc. Personally, I don't think *we* can do anything to stop the eventual kill-off - no amount of activism for conservation, birth control and all the rest is going to have a significant enough global effect. Our instincts simply won't allow it, in the same way that rats or bees reproduce until there is no choice but to look for a way to expand the available space and resources - or have a die-off. Anyone that wishes to volunteer for the 'B' Ark ship that will prep the next planet for the 'A' Ark & 'C' Ark ships should raise their hand now.
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A magnetic pole shift will happen.  

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