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CIEM fit questions? :S

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I've just received my JH-5s and after using them for a week, I've consistently felt the left side just doesn't fit into my ear as nicely as the right one does. When I put them on, I have to shove the left side in deeper into my ear than I have to with the right. If I don't, the seal is not formed and it feels like my ears aren't gripping on to the canals. 


On to the question... Is it advisable for me to send it back and JH Audio to widen the canal for a tighter fit without new impressions, since they feel mostly right, just that the canals are just a little too small? I read here and there that they can add a few more layers of acrylic to do that, is that true? I really don't want to drop another 50 bucks for new impressions since i'm kinda broke right now. tongue.gif What are your suggestions? I've already emailed them with some photos and am awaiting for their reply...


Sorry for being a noob! blink.gif This is my first pair of custom IEMs...

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I am in a similar situation with my JH 10 x3 Pro.  The right ear piece is just a tad loose and I have to work to get the seal I want.  I think part of the issue is that the molds may shrink a little during shipment.  If you are not completely satisfied I would contact them and see if adding some more layers is possible.  If you paid for it you should expect something that feels right.

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I guess you are right, my impressions could have shrunk since it took the postal service two weeks to deliver them. There's one other thing that bothers me. The sound tube that leads to the driver located next to the canal, on the left side, is much shorter than that on the right. I can actually touch the filter without inserting the loop of the cleaning tool all the way in. Can't wait for their repairs department to get back to me...
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The impressions didn't shrink in just two weeks if you went with a good audiologist.

Fitting issues are common for all custom companies. While some naive people have tried to blame the custom manufacturer, it's not at all likely to be their fault. It's much more likely to be the audiologist, and even with a great audiologist you can still have issues because every ear is unique.

You should try to understand the fitting issues as precisely as possible and communicate that to the company and they will try to re-fit them for you. In some cases a new set of impressions will be needed.
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The audiologist I went to came highly recommended by a friend who had done a pair of JH13s without issues. It is also highly promoted over here in my country for getting a good fit most of the time. 


I've been told that my right ear canal isn't as straight and it seems to me that it's smaller too, so I guess i'm blaming mother nature for this haha. There's no doubt that my ears differ from each other greatly. Is there any information that I can tell JH Audio how to change this fit? In the morning and evening, the fit is 99% right, but during the early afternoon and around 12am, the fit is definitely loose. Still waiting for them to respond...


I wonder if the shallowness of that one particular sound tube is normal though?

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I agree with Kunlun and there's plenty of reasons why. Even if the impression is done right, some canals may change too much with the bite block used etc. Is your lower jaw in it's normal forward to back position whem biting the block? I have a good overbite so I decided to turn the bite block on it's side to thin it a bit while keeping my jaw at it normal under position and it worked great.  


Some folks ears are just odd or don't seem to get on well. It's why adjustments aren't uncommon. While mine fit great, I'm having my L ear nozzle shortened slightly as my ear geometry is dulling it a bit.

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I suppose my lower jaw comes closer to the front when I use the bite block. When you meant normal forward to back position, are you referring to how the lower jaw sits slightly towards the back of the mouth as compared to the upper jaw?


Now this is weird. Had a bath and the left iem can barely fit into my ear now. Edit: Canal is still a little loose, but slightly tighter than when I originally started this thread.  I can sense some discomfort while putting it on in the lower crus of antihelix as it rubs on it. Could it be that I'm one of the unlucky few who's not suitable for ciems since my ear shape changes too drastically at different times of the day? The right side still fits perfectly, as usual!


EDIT: It's been an hour and now everything is back to how it was again. Still loose!!! I'm confused! triportsad.gif

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Well stated, goodvibes. The key phrase there is "jaw at normal position."


It's my personal belief that the use of a bite block when molding non-musician CIEM purchasers makes no sense whatsoever.

IMHO, one should get molded in the facial (and thus, ear canal) position that one will typically be using while listening.


The bite block is a carryover from the music industry roots of IEMs. I've yet to see any convincing argument for why it's a good idea to use this method when molding audiophile listeners or sound engineers.

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LOL. I just used my 'DUH' position and used the bite block sideways to stabalize it. I had brought a thick pen with me to use in place of a bit block in case it didn't fit.

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Wow. Okay, I called up my friend and after some discussion, he said he had his IEMs refit a couple of times with new impressions each time and had an adjustment in bore length, but in the end, it still didn't fit him. He recommended me to try increasing the length of the canal. Guess I will wait for JH Audio to get back to me and have a good discussion with them!

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My audiologist works with Westone directly and they recommend adding 1mm - 3mm of length to the canal so perhaps that is part of the issue.  I do like the idea of adding some acrylic of even UV cure epoxy to the outside if the entire earpiece is loose, but I would not do this myself unless I was sure the warranty remains intact.


To get mine to fit better I gently press in and rotate the earpiece a little more than I would normally.  It seems to slide into the sweet spot in my ear once I give it a bit more pressure and rotation.

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Oh, I meant sending it back to JH to do it for me actually. I wouldn't ever do that myself! 


After fooling it around so more, I found out that if i did not insert my right earpiece in so deeply, the channel imbalance disappears and tightness is now equal on both sides and the isolation is still the same.I think the main body of the shell for the right side is slightly longer, which is why the body of the iem seems to protrude out more. Problem's solved for now! ksc75smile.gif


Thanks for everyone for giving such enlightening suggestions and information to this noob! beerchug.gif

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I think if you have any doubts about your fit or don't feel completely satisfied with the way they feel in your ears you should send them back for a refit.

When I got my CIEMs for the first time the seal of my left monitor would break every time I even opened my mouth a little bit and I would have to readjust it with my hand. At first I thought that I could live with it and maybe just not open my mouth at all, or maybe it would just go away but after about a month of stressing over it I finally bit the bullet and went back to my audiologist to get new a new left mold. The next month or so really sucked because I just had my right monitor but in the end it was so worth it. Now I'm able to open my mouth and move my jaw around however I want and the seal doesn't break.

I have Westone ES5s and when I did my remold I was still under their 3-month policy so it was free (my audiologist also did my left ear mold again for free.) Anyway, I definitely would send it back in if you feel the least bit dissatisfied with your fit since you've paid so much money for a quality customized product.
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I guess you're right. I intend to send it my right monitor to shorten the canal by 2mm since it's jabbing against my ear canals. This way, I don't have to loosen it either to get the fit right. The next few weeks are gonna suck while I'm deprived of my JH5s frown.gif


Luckily I don't have to deal with the seal breaking when I open my mouth real wide or chewing. That's a pretty serious case! 

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Keep us posted on how the refit goes smile.gif

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