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Custom cable AKG q701?

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Hi guys, i am looking for a custom cable for my headphones. I am really new on this, so I'd appreciate simple terms and easy explanations wink.gif
If it's possible, as i live in Europa, i'd like also to buy the stuff on the website Thank you ver much!
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Well, any solution?? U_U
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Musicstore does not sell custom headphone cables.


Toxic Cables is in England, UK, which is probably closest to other European countries than most other custom cables retailers, afaik. he's competitive prices.


if you send him an email/PM with your budget, length, etc., he should give you some options and prices.


personally with the 701's I'd either go for a copper cable or better a silver/gold one. I'd avoid a silver plated copper cable.

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Oh good idea, thanks a lot, i will mail them and i will tell you back the resolution wink.gif
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I get no response from toxic. Can anyone tell me what products can i build a custom cable for mi AKG q701 with? I cannot find anything. Brands, best materials, i wanna know! smily_headphones1.gif thx
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If I was making myself a cable for AKG 701's I would use Mogami W2552 microphone cable, a Neutrik NP3X male 1/4" TRS plug, and a Switchcraft TA3FLX mini XLR3. Add some heat shrink as necessary and you got a real nice cable.

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Good to know! I have ordered a 'van Damme' cable, dual-core, I've heard good things about it and it's not so 'fat' as a quad-core and in my opinion enough. The jack and the mini XLR are from Neutrix. Switchcraft was really expensive, and the materials are not so differents.

Anyway, I always can build another one wink.gif What do you think?
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I'm not familiar with van Damme cables, but the products look to be alright. I mean it's just cable as long as it's soft and supple and has large enough conductors and decent capacitance and inductance should make a great cable.


I asume you mean Rean (subsidiary of Neutrik) connectors since I have never seen Neutrik mini XLR connectors. 


That should make a nice cable.

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Yes exactly, that is what i meant, Neutrik and Rean. If i build the cable and of course I'm happy with it, i will update a pic in this line ;D
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I just finished making a Van Damme cable yesterday for my Q701's. I used a 1/4 Neutrik plug and the Rean mini xlr. The microphone cable was 1/4 inch, so I had to drill out the piece that screws into the base of the plug. It was tedious and it came apart in the end, but I reassembled it and used shrink tubing to finish it off. It is now very solid.


The cable fits well and sounds good. It is a subtle upgrade. Deeper bass, more revealing....but not a big change. Typical of most cable changes. The new cable is more robust, but a touch heavy. It was worth the effort for me.


FWIW, I use a KICAS headphone amp with flac files via my Musicstreamer II. I made Van Damme interconnects using Rean RCA's while I was at it.


$65 for two pair of RCA's and a new headphone cable.

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Hi there ainsha,

I recently upgraded the cables of both my Q701s. I got the cables assembled by
Redco, and I have nothing but praise for their impeccable work. I don't believe in cables improving your sound or adding bass, etc. To me that's just a load of unsubstantiated claims and scientifically unproven and unmeasurable BS, which only benefits the ruthless cable manufacturers that want to charge more than your headphones for 5 feet of cable and a pair of branded connectors.

I went for a great yet very affordable Mogami W2893 mini-quad (15ft), with a Neutrik NP3X 1/4" TRS plug, Redco's mini-XLR TA3FB connector and Techflex PET sleeve in back and white, respectively. Both cables cost me $95 USD including shipping. You can read about the REAL benefits of star quad cable, and the specs of the cable are available, unlike with most of the aftermarket cables that they want to sell you for 3 digit amounts. At Redco you can choose the TRS plug of your preference, the length of your cable, different kinds and brands of cables and several colors for your sleeves.

The 16ft EK500S replacement stock cable from AKG - which is of the exact same quality of the one that comes with the headphones - costs $39 USD, vs my 15ft Redcos that go for $43 USD each. That is a significant upgrade and a very priceworthy replacement for your cables, IMHO.


I think you should certainly read more about the whole cable debate before you spend your money, and you can certainly start by checking out Tyll Herstens' attempt to both measure and hear differences in cables, and most certainly the comments in the thread, that also point you in different directions.


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just wanted to say thanks for pointing out Redco.  I spoke with Marc there. Very helpful in customizing my cable order, since the Techflex is not an option on their Custom Cable creator page. Looking forward to hooking them up, and to having a shorter cable to use with the Q701s.



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