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Originally Posted by Jpfe8851 View Post

I'm afraid you probably don't understand if it isn't a problem for you. I have quite long ears and because the pads a quite firm and lacking in thickness, it takes about half an hour for the DTs pads to mold to my ears, sealing over the folds etc. I can try positioning until the cows come home but they don't sound right until I get that seal... Period. It's just like IEMs with too small a tip.

Every other HP I have, I just put on and listen... I like the sound of the DT1350 very much, but only after they settle. Incidentally, Beyerdynamic would not be making a 67mm pad and the suede pads unless there was a need. Many reviewers comment on the thickness of the pads especially when compared with the HD25 which never has this problem.

I look forward this being fixed when my new pads arrive or I will have to sell them. mad.gif

what pad did you called? let me know how this work for you.

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Well. I'll just sell them if new pad arent doing it... which is sadsince i love the sound so much frown.gif
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I feel your pain man, almost a year later and my dt 1350s remain my least used headphones by a country mile, hell, even my ancient, bargain bin Sony Eggos get more ear time than the beyers , the clamping force remains completely unacceptable . what a shame. I just may have to sell them.

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