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beyer dt660 review

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ill make this short and sweet completely burnt in now and used abusively

build: tough but the cup can be popped off if you drop em enough.

comfort: heavy but other than that awesome i loosened the screws in the headband and replaced he earpads with 770 earpads

sound: soundstage is amazing, instrument seperation is awesome, very detailed and clear and, neatral. highs are close to sibilance but very clean and pretty, mids are great, flat and punchy in the lower spectrum , bass is punchy, but not as much subbass as id like.


if you have any questions please ask



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heres a video i made to test the isolation

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Hi:  I've had my DT660's for at least six months.


I thought they were a closed headphone, not semi-closed.  I get great isolation.


I agree with most of your comments, it's a great bargain and very efficient, even more so than my Grado.


I find the soundstage a little cramped but that is true for all closed headphones.


I also have DT880 600 ohm for comparison.  It's called a semi-open headphone.


IMO, of course.

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i thought it was semi open because the isolation is very bad compared to alot of toher headphones ive owned but not as bad as the dk series

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