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@ Crookl, The cable I got is fully functional. Microphone, remote buttons. I live in Alberta, Canada and the cable has been exposed to sub zero (centrigrade) temperatures and has held up very well for nearly a week (I know, that's a long time. jokes). Fingers crossed. the cable looks good, feels good and the buttons don't feel flimsy. It's not as weighty as the original but it is certainly getting the job done. well.

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Has anybody looked into 2.5mm male to 3.5mm female adapter?  Something like this: http://www.lunashops.com/goods.php?id=1413


If this adapter can fit into earcup jack, then I can use my 3.5mm M-80 cable.  2.5mm side of original twist-on MOMENTUM cable is 6mm in diameter, so that's a limiting factor.  I just have no idea about the size of that adapter.


@fendercase: I tried looking up that seller on ebay, but no luck.  It only comes back with cables from China ($16).  You mentioned a very snugly fit.  I assume that cable doesn't have twist-on top, just a typical straight connector and it works?

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Those cables from china for $16 are the correct cables that I mentioned. Look at the pictures and you'll see they have the little groove on the side of the head just like the OEM cables. Available in black or red. So far so good after a few weeks of rugged daily use. I've got my headphones on 10 hours a day so it isn't a little bit of usage. The cable hasn't popped out of the headphone jack yet. A very snug fit. 


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This thread has been super helpful. Thanks so much fendercase btw.


I joined just to ask this question as I can't seem to find out. I'm not very technically savvy... but which of these replacement cables from China on Ebay is just a generic headphone plugin? They all seem to be for a specific phone model... I want the generic one that plugs into all phones/computers. I've got a Macbook Pro and a regular old Dell at my job. I use a Samsung Captivate Glide as my phone and the old mic/remote cable I had worked with all three. So I assume there is just a generic headphone jack... can you link me to the specific product on Ebay that suits that need? 


Thanks so much...

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I'm a bit late to the party, but:


I use the normal cable only, so the price is quite good then.

Oops sorry didn't see "other than from Sennheiser". Still interesting to see how much of the cost goes into the headband, judging the prices of the parts.
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have anyone tried any replacement cable for Momentum that upgrades the audio quality?

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Originally Posted by teohouse88 View Post

have anyone tried any replacement cable for Momentum that upgrades the audio quality?



this one is a considerable upgrade, though I cannot say more I assume due to the rules :)

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S flex mini will fit remember the locking mechanism is just a twist lock you can still get narrow cables in there just cant lock them

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