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Sennheiser Momentum Replacement Cables

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I was just given a set of Sennheiser Momentum headphones but the cable is broken. (Dog ate it)

Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction on getting a replacement set other than

the ones from Sennheiser?



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Toxic Cables maybe. Frank makes great cables for a great price! I don't know If he has ever made a cable for the Momentum, but I guess he would try his best.

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Thanks for that.

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I've already lost one of the two cables of my Momentum after just one day.  I'd settle for the stock cables but can't find anything on the internet.  Anyone have any idea where I can buy this?

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Contacting Sennheiser for replacement cables would be your best bet.

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Thanks, I sent them an email, hopefully they will write me back :)  Damn kitten :D  I'm keeping this last cable close to my vest now though so to speak, didn't notice the kitten there and then the sound just stopped mysteriously :D

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I'm located in Australia but I asked for my own pair and the IPhone Handsfree cable is AU$160 and the normal is AU$19
I hope the helps
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AU$19 for the basic
AU$160 for the Handsfree
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$160 for a cable!?!?
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Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking!! dunno what's going on w/mine (prolly a split wire) cos only 1 side is working
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The end that plugs into the headphones looks like it has 4 contacts for some reason, even though only 3 are needed for audio. Otherwise I'd recommend the v-moda m-80/m-100 cable.
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Is the 3rd needed for the handsfree remote??
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The 4th contact is for handsfree remote but usually because the handsfree is in the middle of the cable, usually the end that plugs into your device is 4 contacts while the end that plugs into the headphones is only 3. But the Momentum cable looks like it has 4 on both ends.
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Hey everyone, do yourself a favor. Go to e.B.a.y and search: "Replacement cable with Remote Mic connect iphone to Sennheiser HD598 HD558 HD518". There is a seller out of HK selling this cable for $17 CDN ($16 USD). I ordered and got it today and it works with the Momentum. It was a tight fit for the hole and I haven't been able to turn the cable's head in the hole to secure it like I did with my original cables. It is in very snuggly and I'm enjoying stereo sound and full iphone controls. I'm ordering a couple more cause I have no idea about the sturdiness of this cable and I make no claim about it's hardiness. I can get 5! of these cables for the price of one cable from Sennheiser. Save YOUR money. 


I will report back and update if this cable fails under very common and regular use.



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@ Fendercase
It utilizes the remote functions but does it utilize the handsfree mic as well??
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