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Wanted: WTB: polypropylene caps and cheap RCA jacks

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WTB: polypropylene caps and cheap RCA jacks

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm looking to do a very rough small-scale DIY crossfeed project and need a few pieces that I don't have in my parts box (which doesn't really exist).



47nF polypropylene capacitor (1)

200nF polypropylene capacitor (2)



2 cheapo RCA jacks and plugs (or 4 jacks)

330ohm resistor (2)

2.2kohm resistor (2)

2kohm resistor (2)


If you happen to have spare caps lying around that you're willing to let go of, please let me know, thanks!

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Trying to bump your thread





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shipping kind of kills me at ebay or any of the major distributors that I know of. I wish digikey/mouser offered first class envelopes but to my knowledge the cheapest shipping is like $5.

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