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I currently have the devices listed in the title: PS3, Wii U and HTPC.  Currently, all three devices are connected to the TV via HDMI, but the PS3 is also connected to an Astro Mixamp 5.1 via optical, which gives me Dolby Headphone 5.1 surround effect on my headphones.  The Wii U and HTPC are both limited to the TV stereo speakers only.

In the case of the HTPC, it is possible to manually switch the optical cable from the PS3 to the HTPC, but the Wii U has no optical output, so in this case it is not possible to use the Dolby 5.1 surround effect with my headphones at all.

What I wish to do is enable the HTPC and Wii U to also use the Astro Mixamp to get Dolby Headphone effect from these devices too.

The only potential solution I can find so far is the Leicke KanaaN HDMI Matrix, which seems pretty expensive.  The device can be found at the following link:


Anyway, some questions:

1.  Are there any cheaper alternative products to the one I've mentioned above that can do what I need (must be available in the UK or Netherlands)?  If this device is really my only solution, then I'll probably buy it, but as I said, it does seem pretty expensive, probably because it has extra features that I won't use, such as dual HDMI output.

2.  Will a device like the one above introduce any noticeable input lag?  Since I spend most of my entertainment time playing games, it is pretty important to me that there should not be too much lag.  I don't really play competitive FPS or anything, but would a device like this mess up my ability to play a time critical game like Guitar Hero?

3.  Will this solution actually work for what I need?  Are there any potential problems that I may have missed?  Will the optical output of this device actually send Dolby 5.1 audio to my Astro Mixamp from the HDMI sources?  Will there be any degradation in quality compared to using the direct optical audio output on the PS3 itself?  Will this allow me to get Dolby 5.1 output to my headphones in Wii U games that support 5.1?

I hope someone may be able to advise me on this, and any information would be much appreciated. :)

With Kind Regards,