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Anybody using a tube buffer?

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Curious... these things have been around for a very long time.


Anyone using a tube buffer like the musical fidelity X-10?  Presumably in front of a solid state amp to add flavors of harmonic distortion.


What were your overall impressions / results?

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Hey Kramer,

I use one inbetween an Audio-GD FUN and powered speakers. Yeah, the MF was a while back. Common ones now are Grant Fidelity and Yaqin. I have the Yaqin (CD2) that uses 2x 6AK5/EF95 tubes. There is a CD3 that uses 2x 6SN7 tubes.


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Not really a separate tube buffer, but my CD player has both a solid state output and a tube output.


The difference between the two outputs is the solid state output is followed by a tube buffer in the tube output.


Anyway, I like the smoothness that the tube output adds.

It seems to enhance vocals and make them more prominent in the mix, or at least make your ears more drawn to the vocals.

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I have been using MF X10-D, original model ever since it first came out with excellent result. It improved all stages of my two channel stereo from analog to digital sources. I have not used any other buffer though but if my MF X10D is broke, I will definitely buy another buffer for my two channel stereo.
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