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Originally Posted by jerg View Post

I've been swapping between them a lot lately, so I can answer with some confidence now. Keep in mind these are with fully modded Jergpads (with open vents).


Focus (and ""-A) pads are significantly more comfortable, that's definite.


In terms of sound, Jergpads are much bassier, with a fuller midrange, better tone and timbre in general, and more realistic imaging, with a more "out of the head" soundstage.


Meanwhile, Focus (and ""-A) pads deliver smoother treble, cleaner more accurate bass, better detail extraction / transparency in general, and more precise (albeit more closed-in) imaging.


As you can see, I've been struggling deciding what to just go with, ultimately I may just use one solution for a few months, swap, and vise versa.


Do you still prefer the Focus-A to the Focus?

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Originally Posted by DaemonSire View Post


Do you still prefer the Focus-A to the Focus?

Yes, but mostly because of comfort; with Focus-A's, the outer edges of my ears can tuck under the earpads, that doesn't happen with the Focus pads. Sonic-wise they are really similar when you consider how different Jergpads sound relative to them.

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Thanks...I've really been wanting to get a pair for my HE500's but have been holding off until the dust settles on the pads.


I'm half expecting a 3rd FocusPad to show up with the best qualities of each and retiring the first two...

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I looked at picture and read some impressions but I just wanted to confirm:
Are the Modular Jerg pads deeper than the original velour pads?
i.e. Is there more space between my head (and ears) to the headphone drivers?

My ears (well just my right ear) touch the driver and I experience discomfort after an hour or two and was wondering if these pads would help.

EDIT: Stock HFM pads are more comfortable than Jerg pads??? :/ (in response to Jerg's post)
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Jerg's ain't thicker than velours.
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A bit off topic but have any of you guys heard from Modulor lately?
Last time I heard from him was in February, I wrote to him in June and again a couple of weeks ago and haven't received an answer. Hopefully I'll hear back from him soon or if you know how I could reach him I'd appreciate it.


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