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Originally Posted by jepardo View Post

I completely agree. That's another reason why I'd rather get both the HD50s and SR80s. I believe the Grados will be perfect for those evenings when I'm relaxing at home. The HD50s will be better for when I'm at work or on the go.

^ that's my son xD

Smart choice!
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I owned the DT770/80ohm.  I hated it. 


In your place I'd be looking at IEMs.  Also I'd definitely take an Alessandro MS1 over a Grado SR80.  The MS1 has the Grado sound but is more refined and much less fatiguing to me.

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I've never researched the Alessandro MS1s, thanks for the suggestion.  As for IEMs, I'm too OCD to be content with the way they are positioned in my ears.  I always think they could sound a little bit better if they were slightly repositioned.

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Yeah, for real listening enjoyment at home, a comfortable set of FS can't be beat. I've used IEMS at home on my main rig, just for giggles but I am the same: always adjusting.  But while I'm out of the house IEM's isolation,and efficiency are what I want. And my UE TF10's are some of the best sounding hp's I've ever heard, but with the caveat that the soundstage suffers.

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I used the modded SR-80i that I had when I was going to uni last year. Squawked like a parrot at everyone that went by, but boy did they sound good for rock and metal.


If I were in your situation, I'd go for a pair of CAL! (Creative Aurvana Live!) and never look back. They're closed, so they don't leak much, but isolate enough so that when you're listening to music you can't hear most* of anything. My modded D1001 (which are share the same drivers and housing as the CAL!) sounded quite a bit better than a stock D2000.


As far as sound signature is concerned, the they are a little on the warm side. markL modding helps tighten the bass, thus bringing out the lush mids. The highs are pretty good, but not the best I've ever heard (in comparison to the various Grado cans I've heard and my DT 1350). For the price, you can't beat them for the sound they offer.



* if someone is yelling at you, you'll hear them

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Well, I bit the bullet and ordered the M50s today. They should be here in a week. I'll check back in with you guys to let you know how they are working out for me. Thanks for everyone's suggestions.
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Just received my M50s in the mail today.  My initial take is a slight disappointment.  Maybe I am more of a bass-head than I thought, but they don't sound like they have enough body.  Maybe time will prove otherwise.  I'll wear them for a week and give another update as I know you all are checking this thread daily to see my review. (sarcasm)

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M50s fo sho. I got some for my ex and she was so stoked. They look cool and sound awesome. All round great bang for you buckaroos.

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They are more bassy than many headphones...

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