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I agree with the above. I also describe the HP50 as a nightmare, because when you compare it to other headphones you wonder where your money has gone!

I would go as far to say they are, taking everything into account; the best closed headphone ever made. Sound silly eh? Well look at the response, they go right down to the depths in bass. They sound natural, smooth and never harsh nor too liquid.

They are just right. Ok so they don't have the micro detail of the TH900! But the TH900 has a unatural also has a mid dip so it's also not a very neutral headphone. The Nad has the detail you need, it doesn't dry the sound exaggerating the treble.

This phone is cheap, technically efficent and natural! Perfect.

Sure people are going to want to try justify their expensive headphones cough cough TH600 + TH900 and below! But you will be forced to accept it tongue.gif I had to! I hated the fact this little headphone was even competing with my HE-500 in areas and winnig. The vocals are nads strongest point and if these could be open and retain the response( Not possible unless planar) then a lot of headphones would be in trouble lol
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