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Sony MH1C Help

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First, I'd like to say I appreciate any and all help you guys can give.


Just got the headphones which came with no instructions, I also tried finding some online to no avail. Anyway, I plugged the headphones into my phone (Verizon Razr Maxx) and started listening to some music. I thought it sounded terrible, but then I pushed a button in the center of the smart control (the button between the + and -) and then it sounded great. Now my problem is that it only sounds good while the button is being pressed down, as soon as I take my finger off it goes back to sounding bad. If you guys could tell me what I need to do or point me in the right direction I'll be grateful.



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Hey dude, you brought the wrong version. You have got the MH1's not the mh1c. I think to make those work on a computer or mobile is to pull the jack out a third out. Hope that helps.

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I appreciate it gentlemen. I called the company I bought it from and it seems they sent a bunch of MH1s to people instead of the MH1C. So I'll just return these and buy the correct pair again. Any idea on cheapest site to get em?

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well i couldn't find them cheap so i bought the mh1 and will use them with the adapter 

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