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Need Suggestions - Sound Blaster ZXR + Beyerdynamic Headphones

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Hello all,


This is my first post so hello! I just built a new computer gaming rig and have been slowly getting more and more into entry level audiophile headphone setups. I have been looking for the best possible sound card to power my headphones. On my computer I exclusively use headphones for watching blu-rays, tv-shows and gaming. It is important to me that I have "fun" headphones for movies as well as good headphones for FPS gaming (positional audio). I dont do much music listening.


I have narrowed the sound card down to either the Creative Sound Blaster ZX or the Creative Sound Blaster ZXR. From what I understand the ZXR has similar components to the X-fi Platinum HD which people speak so highly about Supposedly it has a better headphone amp and DAC than the ZX. Is the $100 difference worth it between the ZX and ZXR? It also means waiting since the ZXR is out of stock currently. I dont do any


Currently I have Denon AH-D2000 for gaming/movies but I am wanting to step up to a more "fun" headphone with good positional audio. I have been looking into possibly getting the Beyerdynamic DT990s. Either the Pro/Premium edition at 250/600Ohms.


Since I dont know much about this stuff I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions or input as to what my best solution will be here for soundcard/headphones.


Thank You!

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better if you try creative titanium hd + little dot mk III or IV se + beyerdynamic dt 990 600 ohm

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Can you please expand on your explination? I would rather have the ZXR for current generation driver support since I have heard that the Titanium HD has poor drivers.


Also I am leaning towards the Beyerdynamic 990 Pro since they are much cheaper and people seem to indicate that there is not much of a differrence between the different models of the 990. How will these 990's compare to my current 2000s?

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I cannot speak for the new Z series, though as an owner of the Titanium HD on Windows 7 x64, I can safely say that I have had absolutely no issues with drivers. Back on my old XtremeGamer, sure, there were times wherein I'd have to reseat the card itself to get it detected again.


In any case, if the stock drivers don't appeal to you, there's always the PAX drivers. Though from what I know, they do boost the treble up a notch.

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Get the ZxR (not the Z or ZX), it has a very good Burr Brown DAC and will be better supported in the long run. The Titanium HD is a fabulous card, however, it does not allow you to use your speakers while the headphones are plugged in. You will need to unplug your headphones from the back of your computer every time you want to listen to your speakers. Software/drivers cannot fix this as the hardware is engineered this way. The ZxR is Creative's replacement for the old Titanium HD.

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