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I have been using the stx and hd650 combo for about a year now and they work quite well together.  I used to use the headphone out, but now run both the rca line outs and a spdif out to a Harmon-Kardon AVR-510 and the dac works quite well with the external amp.  Am considering getting a tube amp for the desktop, I am a little older than most here, I assume, and started out in the sixties with tube amps like the Fisher 400 before they were bought out, and then moved up (laterally) to thePioneer high end transister amp and tuner separates.  The sound of the tube amp was much "warmer" than the ultra flat and "colder" transister amps.  I enjoyed both, but differently, if that makes any sense.  The Hd650's work really well thru the stx so if you are still contemplating the two, put me down for a big plus.