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Headphones that has same sound signature as vsonic gr07

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So before you start saying search the forums, i already did and i did find one thread but it gives small details sooooo im gonna start my own coz i am wanting to get new headphones.


So first of my first and only iems are the vsonic gr07 and no headphones bought/tried/used since like forever. So i really dont know how to explain how the vsonic gr07 sound technically so please forgive me for my wordings. So basically what i want with the vsonic gr07 is that its sound is umm easy? or gentle not harsh just gives off the right umph for my ear, although the highs sometimes hit that annoying mark but it has gone down since the time i bought it so i guess i have gotten used to it or something. The bass mids and treble for me are balanced and thats what i really want no overpowering happening just harmony to recreate the sound. This is the sound quality i want, but a little more bass wont hurt, not a bass lover though.


With that said, i am looking for headphones that is somewhat like gr07's sound signature coz my gr07 is showing signs of wear and tear, dont get me wrong its taking it like a man but im afraid that it will break at the wrong time and i dont have a replacement on hand.

Here is what i want for my headphones:

Budget of 100-150$, I can dig deep enough to go for 200$

Sound signature of gr07

Comfort that will let me listen to it for a minimum of 2 hours.

Isolation that is enough to get me through the noise of traffic

Build quality that will deliver like my gr07, closing in on my 4th year on my gr07


I looked at the forums for headphone that might fit my label but being a newbie in this hobby, i got more confused.

Found 2 that might fit the bill but i am still open for suggestions 

1.) Creative Aurvana Live

2.)JVC HA S500



If there is anymore information needed to single out a headphone i will gladly give just please help me :D

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anyone? please.

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