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Please Put Me Out Of My Misery and Help Me Decide!

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Hi guys!  So right now, I am currently looking to buy a new pair of headphones (finally upgrading from stock ipod earbuds!) and thus have been researching all over the internet (especially these forums) to help me decide which headphones to get.  After a couple of weeks, I have basically narrowed it down to two choices: the Noontec Zoro and Sennheiser HD205.  I was hoping you guys could give me some advice as to which one to get.


Some things about me:  I am currently a college student, and will mostly be using these headphones in my dorm, in the library, or when commuting on bus.  I listen to a bunch of different musical genres, so I was hoping to find headphones that would work decently well with any type of music.


One of the things that I like about the HD 205 is that they are circumaural and that they provide pretty good isolation, so I won’t have to worry about bothering others when I’m listening to my music.  Also, I don’t think the tight fit will be too much of an issue with me, since I have a relatively small head.  However, I am a bit worried about the length of the cord, especially since some have said that the cord is not especially sturdy.  There also seem to be some mixed feelings regarding the sound quality.


The Noontec Zoros also seem like a great option; they are foldable and definitely seem more portable than the HD205s.  Also, they come with a detachable cable, which is a big plus.  Although this is a bit over my original budget of ~$50, the sound quality seems to be worth the extra cash (correct me if I’m wrong?).  My only concern with these is the isolation; I’ve heard that these leak quite a bit of sound, which would be problematic especially in quiet places like the library.  If I had my ipod at 25-30% volume, would the noise leak become a distraction?


Well, that about sums it up.  I know this a bit long, but I really need to decide which headphones to get soon, since the indecision is totally killing me…


Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to read this.  I really appreciate the advice! J

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+1 on the Noontec Zoro, they are certainly worth the extra cash, I love mine and would have happily paid $100+ for them. They offer a decent amount of ambient noise isolation as long as you toy with them for a bit and figure out which number to set the adjustable headband to. As for the leakage, I tested it on my iPod Nano at 20-30% and covered the cups with my hands to simulate them being on my head, and I cant hear it when in my room with no noise. I even turned them up t about 50-60% and the leakage was still barely noticeable, its after you go around 75%+ that they start to leak quite a bit.


The Zoros also have a flat sound, meaning they are not emphasized on things like bass or treble thus they work with any type of music. To add to that Ive found they respond VERY well to the equalizer setting that is built into iPods, you can easily give the bass a thump or the treble a nice ring.

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Thanks so much for the quick response!  It's such relief to hear that the sound leakage shouldn't be too much of a problem, since I rarely have the volume on past 50% anyway.


Based on your experience, how durable are the Zoros and the cable that comes along with them (or would you recommend me buy a replacement one)?  As these will be my first "good" headphones, I was hoping they would last me a while.

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They are made of plastic which I guess could be a downside, but they have metal reinforcement where needed, such as the hinges and adjustments. I dont want to bend mine too far but they can go about 1-1.5 feet from cup to cup before I start getting uncomfortable. They should stand up fairly well for just normal day to day use, I woudnt recommend throwing them in your bag with all your books though. 


As for the cable, I dont really like it.It just feel kinda cheap, Im pretty positive it wouldnt be a problem to use it if its the only one you had, but I use mine with the 3-Button cable that came with my V-Moda LP2s. If you really want to drop $90 or so on them then I would say order a 3-Button cable from the V-Moda site, they are very strong and durable cables, and it has the controls built is so you can control your iPod. 

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Unless anyone else makes some drastic inputs, I think I'll go with the Zoros.


Thanks again for all the help, Aaron94!

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In the event that you get them I hope you enjoy them as much as I am mine.

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