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Connecting my Sennheiser's to my TV...

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I recently purchased HD 598 Sennheiser Headphones. I own a TC-P42X1 Panasonic Plasma TV. I did not check and was foolishly unaware that my TV does not have a audio jack for me to be able to plug in these headphones. The headphones have a 6.3mm Stereo Jack at the end of the cord but do come with a 3.5mm Adapter (if this is at all helpful.) I'm looking for the most straightforward resolution to this dilemma. I tried a Y-Adapter (2 Male Connectors to 1 Female RCA Jack) with no success. I tried everything while using this Y-Adapter in case I was doing something wrong or plugging it into the wrong Composite Terminal. Would a Headphone Amplifier be the answer? Please Help!


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I see a TOSLINK audio out, but no other way of getting the audio out of the TV.  Perhaps post a picture of the back of the TV for us?


If the TOSLINK is truly all the TV has you are going to have to run a TOSLINK cable from it to a DAC be in one on a receiver or some other type of DAC.


You can read a bit more about them here:



Some TOSLINK converters ( DAC units ) may not work the with the newest TVs sets so be sure to ask the manufacturer before you commit to a piece of gear.

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does it have an RCA jacks at the back? maybe you can get an rca to 3.5mm plug to plug it using your amplifier/porta amp then connect to your headphone


* i didnt check the model of the TV xD

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Okay so I've been doing hours of research and have only become more confused as to what exactly I need.

I would like to use my HD 598 Sennheiser Headphones to watch TV (Cable) and also Blu-Ray via PS3 on my TC-P42X1 Panasonic Plasma. My TV has no Audio Out components, only a Optical Digital Out. I would need one of the following. Which one though, I'm not sure...

- Digital Audio To Analog Audio Converter

- FiiO E17 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

I have also read a lot warning about Dolby Digital and something not working, what I'm unsure of though... But I "think" this doesn't includ my TV. I didn't see anything in reference to Dolby Digital in my TV user manual. But, I am not completely sure...

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