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Best IEM around 150$

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Okay, this is my first time getting a proper IEM, so please bear with me. (I only have a sennheiser CX300 at the moment)


So, i have been going through all the Head-fi forums searching for good IEMs.

And as i understand these three would be my best bet around 150$. So, i need to know which of these is the best, or if you know of any other IEM that would be better, that would be nice too. regular_smile%20.gif


1) Hifiman RE-262

2) VSonic GR07

3) Etymotic Research hf3


Now the problem is i cant try anyone of these by myself, since there is no store around that sells these.

So, i can only order them online.


So, even the slightest help is appreciated.


Just so it would help, i listen mostly to Alternative/modern Rock, this song for example:


And i use only a normal mobile phone to play my music, like the Galaxy S3, so please tell me if it is necessary to get one of those amplifiers from Fiio?


And, thanks for any help in advance beyersmile.png.

Happy Listening! dt880smile.png

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Those who listens to alternative/modern rock usually wants good amount of bass in their IEM.


If what other head-fiers said about RE-262 and GR07 could be used as a reference, then they might not have enough bass to satisfy your taste. (I have never listened to both)


HF3 is definitely not bassy as well.


So question is, do you like good amount of bass or not? If you do, around that price range you might want to consider Yamaha EPH-100. Otherwise GR07 is well-liked by a lot of head-fiers.

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I like the bass. But it is not of very high priority, i like the main sequence in the songs, which is usually dominated by loud vocals, and metal guitar. so yeah, thanks for the help.


and i will check out the yamaha EPH-100 as well. beyersmile.png

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Audio technica cks99 should be better on rock, than any iem listed. Rock it r50 is realy great too, but hasnt enough bass.
Dont forgot sony mh1c. They are dirt cheap but sound amazing.
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Okay, so i see for my tasteof music, VSonic GR07, RE262, and hf3 are out of the question. And More suggestions? normal_smile%20.gif

And Thank you tomasskalnin.

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Alright, Rock it R50 has really great reviews, any more thumbs up for R50?

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Originally Posted by BlackThunderA View Post

Alright, Rock it R50 has really great reviews, any more thumbs up for R50?

I have the R-50 here, it won't suit your genre's as well as something like GR07 MK2 and has much less bass impact The bass on GR07 is perfect for rock and metal, good detail for drum presentation and timbre is perfect for electric guitars (I've own/owned both). EPH-100 is a safe all-rounder, does most genre's well though for you genre GR07 MK2 live it.
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I think sennheiser cx985 is perfect for u. I have this one and I am very happy with this, it has very solid bass almost perfect everything and more u can change the sound ( balance or more bassy) by changing the ear tips. I am using this with my SGS Note2 and it is just WOW!
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I wouldn't definitively count out the HF3. I listen mostly to metal, classic, and alternative rock and I really like them. It's true that you wont get much feeling from the bass, but you'll clearly here the tone, if that makes sense. Honestly though, If I were you I would look into the Monster Turbine Pro Golds. They list at $300 but they're on Amazon right now for $150. From what I've read, I think they would definitely lend well to your tastes.

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The EPH-100 is a really great choice because it sounds fantastic from any source. The Rock-It R-50s are great but they require an amp to open up (they can sound a bit narrow and thin without one). I wrote a comparision impression between the Rock-It's and the EPH-100 here and even though I think the R-50's are technically better for rock, I find myself using the EPH-100's more because they are sturdier and more convenient due to not needing any amping. I use the Rock-Its for home use and gaming though.


I wouldn't go for the RE-262 because it too needs an amp to get its maximum soundstage potential. Wouldn't go for the Ety's unless you really want a neutral response with very subdued bass.

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i vote for GR07.

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Hands down the TDK BA200, its almost as good as the $400 SM3.  They sound a lot like the SM3 but are just thinner as they don't have the full and encompassing sound of the SM3 but the mids are excellent along with a good soundstage and very good imaging.

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