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Best Wireless Gaming Headset for under $300?

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Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Have been (over the last few months) looking at the various options available for Wireless Headphones. So far the ones that interest me the most are the Astro A50 with MixAmp and the Sennheiser RS170 headphones.

To me, the main requirements for me are they need to be a closed design as I don't want others around me to hear what I am playing and they are able to output 7.1/5.1 Surround Sound.

I know the Sennheiser RS180 does not have Optical audio however I have not come across many other headphones that offer the features these ones do (along with the Astro's).

Just to give you an idea on my home theatre setup my amplifier has an optical cable which goes in to the back of my LCDTV. The HDMI cables then go from the back of the TVs to the peripherals carrying the audio through the HDMI cable. I am not sure if pass through with this setup would work with the MixAmp?

What are your thoughts on the A50's for someone who has never purchased pro-grade headphones. FYI, the only headphones I own at the moment are the Bose QC3.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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This link should help you quite a lot. 


Personally I wouldn't recommend wireless headphones for gaming.. Having it die on you mid-session is incredibly annoying. I currently use the Astro Mixamp with the Sennheiser PC360 with my PC/Xbox 360 for gaming.


The A50s are a hit and miss, as they supposedly have crappy microphones that don't work out of the box. Even if you want to take the risk of getting them, my PC360s still sound better than the A40s that I used to own, having better imaging and soundstage.

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Hi Peculier,

I did have a look through that thread, thanks for the link though. It was quite helpful.

I did notice that most of the suggestions in the thread were for wired headphones. There don't seem to be that many options available for wireless headphones with Optical transmitters and receivers.

I don't really mind wireless headphones as the battery aspect does not bother me that much. I won't go on a continuous gaming session for more than three hours.

I also plan on using these headphones for watching Netflix on my PS3 and Hulu on my Xbox 360.
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I'm currently using A50s for the same reason, because they're wireless. So far it has been great for me. SQ is acceptable, but obviously not worth 300$.

I'd never listen to music on this, but it does gaming very well. Battery life is about 6-7 hours for me

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Hi Jackquelegs,

How have you set up your MixAmp to transmit sound to the A50's? Do you have a direct connection to the peripheral or do you bypass the peripheral and go via the amplifier?

How have you found sound bleed? If someone is sitting next to you on the couch are they able to easily hear what you are playing from the headphones?
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I actually need a little bit of help too for a good gaming headset.  I have a really crappy one for the past few months and I think it's time to splurge and get a nice one.  But I want to get some advice before I make the purchase.  I've been looking around and I found this site with reviews http://www.squidoo.com/best-wireless-gaming-headset and it helped me get a pretty good idea on different brands and whatnot.  I'm considering the logitech g930 model because I don't really want to spend over $100 if I can help it.  So I was hoping for some feedback about that model or suggestions of different models around $100?  

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